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In tough economic times people start to look for ways to save money. One of the best ways to save money is on energy usage in the home. The roof of a home is a key area where energy savings can be achieved with newer energy-efficient technologies. There are several different ways to improve or design a roof so that consumers can get the most out of the resources available.

One of the first and most popular ways people are saving energy and money through home improvement is by adding skylight roofing. This type of roofing consists of transparent panels where sunlight can pass through the roof into the home. The benefit of installing this type of roofing is that the home can be heated by the sun instead of man-made means. Not only can the homeowner save money by relying on this renewable and free source of energy but they can also help protect the environment.

Another energy-saving roofing technique is the pergola design. Pergola roofs are constructed with wood beams and are open-air. The beams are placed on top of a structure in a lattice style provided minimal shade. This type of design is generally used for outdoor gardens for those who live in dry and predictable climates the pergola design may be an excellent energy-saving option. The open-air design allows the sunlight to come into the home and heat the area.

Polycarbonate roof is another type of energy-saving roofing that has many benefits. Polycarbonate roofing is extremely durable and less expensive than glass. This type of roof consists of translucent panels that allow some of the suns’ rays to filter through. Homeowners will not be able to see through these panels as clearly as transparent panels but they help with energy costs by allowing some sunlight to pass through whereby the area beneath can be heated. Polycarbonate roof sheets are UV protected, durable even in extreme conditions and are easy to install.

A final recommendation for energy-saving roofing is laminated glass. Laminated glass has the benefit of looking just like glass but is boasted for being stronger and more durable. This type of glass is created by sandwiching plastic in between two panels of glass. Not only are there many options for laminated glass including anti-glare and protective coatings but it will also allow sunlight to filter into the home and will not shatter like regular glass does.

Obviously there are many options for homeowners when it comes to saving energy in the home. The roof is the perfect place to explore energy-saving options because it is capable of allowing the sun rays to penetrate the home through various means. Any roof design should center on the most efficient way to preserve energy in the home even if transparent or translucent materials are not used.

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