Enjoy Clearer Vision With Heated Windshield Wipers

Enjoy Clearer Vision With Heated Windshield Wipers

Adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow often pose a threat to our vision while driving. In these conditions, Crystal Clear Blades heated windshield wipers come in handy for maintaining clear vision on the road. The blades of these windshields tend to wear off over time and if left unchanged, they can hinder proper vision when driving. Replacing the wipers on a regular basis helps the driver avoid accidents by improving visibility.

Enjoy Clearer Vision With Heated Windshield Wipers

Having Blades Changed

Lots of folks would rather change their wiper blades themselves at home even though it can be done at any garage or dealer’s shop. It is not wrong to decide to change them yourself since in fact it is one way of carrying out personal vehicle maintenance. You only need to ensure that the blades are properly connected.

The first thing to do is to purchase the items required to change your wiper from an auto part store. It is necessary to purchase the complete blade and not just the rubber strip as some people would. Read the directions for fixing the blades in the manual contained in the pack and find the attachment that connects the blades to your vehicle.

The next step is to carefully disengage the previous blade from the wiper arm. You may need to either push or pull a button to eject. After this, you carefully connect the attachment from the pack to the new wiper blades. You can then fix the new wiper blades back into the wiper arm. Ensure that the blades are properly connected and fastened.

Lastly, you test the wipers to ascertain that they are well connected. Note that if you encounter any difficulty while doing this, you should employ the service of a mechanic to help you fix the new blades.

How it Works

Heated windshield wipers are accompanied by small remotes that can be fixed into your key chain. Little wires on the wipers warm up the windshield wipers once you turn on the heat from the remote. The heated wiper melts any ice around it while the plastic blades clean off any extra ice.

In less than a minute your windshield is clear and all this is done at your convenience. You neither need to keep the car on or be too close to the car to do this. The remote can be used within 50 feet and since, the heated windshields are solar powered they do not require extra fuel.

The Solution

If having to scrape off ice from your windshield vexes you or if it makes you late for appointments or you would simply prefer not to do it, heated windshield is the solution.

It is a fast, safe and convenient way of removing ice from your windshield as it takes less than a minute and doesn’t require you to step out of your car. They also help prevent scratches on your windshield as the wiper removes the melted ice, unlike having to scrape which is not only time consuming but can also leave scratches on your windshield.

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