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When most people plan their vacations, they automatically factor in the approximate cost of a hotel room into their budgets. It’s as if their decision to stay at a hotel is made by default. Other accommodations are rarely considered.

But what if you could stay in a fully-furnished apartment during your vacation for the same cost? Moreover, what if that apartment provided twice as much space and numerous amenities you’re unlikely to find in a hotel? If you’re like most vacationers, the idea sounds appealing to you.

This is precisely what a corporate apartment offers. The space is normally twice the size (at least) of a typical hotel suite, and places a wide variety of amenities at your fingertips. Few people are aware they can stay in such accommodations, assuming the properties are reserved for executives and other corporate employees. But many corporate housing providers have opened their properties to everyone. That includes those who are planning extended vacations.

Relaxing After A Long Day Of Fun
Imagine starting your day early. You and your family go out for breakfast, and spend the rest of the morning sightseeing. Following a quick lunch, you continue sightseeing, and take part in one or two activities depending on your vacation destination (e.g. visiting Disney World, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.). By late afternoon, you’re exhausted. So, you and your family return to your hotel room.

You discover there’s little space to spread out and relax. In fact, the room feels confining. So, after a quick shower, you head out for dinner, not wanting to spend more time than necessary in your hotel room.

Contrast this experience with staying in a furnished corporate apartment. You return after a long day, and sit down on the comfortable couch. Your kids venture into another room to watch television. Your spouse goes into the kitchen, and opens the refrigerator to find a snack. You rise from the couch, and go into one of the bedrooms to take short nap.

You’re relaxed and in no hurry to leave the apartment. In fact, because it comes fully-equipped with a kitchen, you entertain the thought of cooking dinner rather than venturing to another restaurant. You and your family can stay in, watch DVDs, or play games for the rest of the evening.

One of the biggest advantages of staying in corporate housing on your vacation is that it provides enough room to relax. And that will make your time away from home more rewarding.

Getting A Peaceful Night’s Sleep
A lot of vacationers complain about the noise level in hotels during the evening. As people come and go, talking loudly and allowing their doors to slam closed, sleeping can be difficult. At the same time, most hotel rooms are so small that your own family may keep you awake by watching television or talking.

Furnished apartments tend to be located in residential neighborhoods. This puts a natural damper on the noise level late at night since most people keep “normal” hours. Meanwhile, the size and layout of the accommodations are such that those who want to watch television or talk can do so in another room. There’s little chance of waking you, which means you’ll enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Choosing A Location That Suits Your Style
Hotels are often found in business districts since many of them cater to business travelers. The advantage is that they can place you at the hub of the city. The downside is that they also provide little access to the surrounding areas, including residential communities.

To be sure, if you enjoy being at the heart of a city, a hotel room can provide suitable accommodations during your vacation. On the other hand, if you want to meet the locals, dine in their restaurants, and visit their shops, you should plan to spend time in their community. That’s where you’ll find a lot of corporate apartments and condos. Your housing provider can help you pick a specific property that accommodates your preferences.

Although vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, being away from the comforts of home can be a nuisance. A furnished corporate apartment, with all of its amenities, is designed to make your time spent away from home as much like being at home as possible.

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