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Enterprise mobility can help your company move into the future. In today’s business environment, companies need to be able to send information to employees scattered across locations, along with customers and vendors. With enterprise mobility, a company can decrease inventory, coordinate sales calls, and offer more choices to its customers.

Instant Sales Contracts

When representatives are on the road, the ability to create instant sales contracts can help close a deal. While paper contracts can be used, there are times when adjustments are necessary. Using a tablet, a sales representative can make the necessary adjustments and print out a new contract on a wireless printer. Or, using digital signatures, a new contract can be completed and signed on the tablet, saving paper and the environment.

Enterprise Mobility: Moving Your Company Into The Future

Don’t Waste the Commute

Sometimes long commutes are a necessary evil of combining a good job and a good home in a nice neighborhood. A commute doesn’t have to be a waste of time, however. With enterprise mobility, a manager or employee can contact the office, review documents, or send work that was completed at home the night before. Then, they can enter the office with a head start on the day, instead of being behind.

Giving Customers More Choices

Customers want choice. The more choices a company can offer, the better they can serve the needs of their market. With enterprise mobility comes the option of creating mobile applications. These applications can offer customers the choice of contacting a company, tracking or placing an order, or scheduling a sales call. Mobile apps can also help employees’ access company information while on the road. Even management will be able to reap the benefits of mobile apps.

Updates from Anywhere

Shipping departments can track inventory from vendors as it makes its way to the home office. Sales people can put in special order requests or order stock while on their sales routes. Customer service departments can send an emergency support call to the closest representative. All of these abilities are available to companies that initiate enterprise mobility for their businesses.

When a company utilizes enterprise mobility, management can monitor and control a workforce that is on the move or at multiple locations. It helps to reduce costs, encourage collaboration, and allow instantaneous access to important company data. Customers, employees, and vendors all have access to the processes and information that they need, when they need it.

In order for a company to successfully move into the future, it is necessary to mobilize. Mobilization of an enterprise can’t be initiated lightly, however. An organization needs to determine the goals of the company and the current situation of the market, and then the company needs to ascertain how mobilization can help a business meet those goals. A strategy should be created that will help implement not only the technology, but also the documentation that will help employees adjust to the changes. If handled carefully, this transition to the future will happen smoothly and return on investment will be realized.

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Robert Stanley is a content producer at Click Software mobile enterprise strategies blog, a company which also offers a variety of resources on capacity planning and mobile business apps.