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Essential Details On How Does Aging Affect Seniors’ Overall Health

Aging is defined as the changes in the functioning and structure of your body. It happens over your lifespan. Aging happens involuntarily and gradually.

It is a phase of life wherein you notice some physiological changes in your body. These are normal occurrences within your body so it pays to be aware of it.

Aging Effects on Your Cardiovascular System
As you age, the flexibility of your heart valves and your blood vessels decrease. This is due to the accumulation of fatty deposits in your vessels. It is also caused by the reduction of the capacity of your heart in pumping out blood in every heartbeat.

Aging Effects on Your Respiratory System
The ability of your lungs to use oxygen and your capacity to take deep breaths and cough is affected as the elasticity of your lungs is reduced. You may get tired easily, feel shortness in your breath with just a minor exertion, and tend to get infections easily.

Aging Effects on your Muscular System
Aging provides your muscles with a gradual loss of strength, elasticity and tone. Some types of muscles are replaced with fats. This is why you have those soft, little rolls, and flabby spots. The most significant effect is the decrease in your strength and endurance.

Aging Effects on your Skeletal System
Over the number of years, your bones become porous and brittle. This is due to the loss of density and calcium in your bones. This usually happens to women. You may develop a kind of postural defect and a decrease in your height.

Aging Effects on your Neurological System
Your neurological system experiences a slow movement so it takes a longer time for your messages to be transmitted from your nerves into your muscles. On a lighter side, your pains and aches cannot be felt that much.

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Your sleep and wake cycle is changed. You spend less sleeping hours at night.

Aging Effects on Your Genito-urinary system
Your kidneys cannot function normally as before. Men experience abnormality in their prostate and women notices hormonal changes that may result to itching and burning of the genitals.

Aging effects on your Sensory System
You lose some of your salty and sweet taste buds. High pitched sounds do not reach your hearing capacity. The sharpness of your eyesight is lessened, and your nose cannot easily detect an unusual smell. In addition to this, touching sensation is decreased gradually.

Aging Effects on your Face, Skin and Hair
Your hair turns to grey, if there is at all. Some lose their hair early in life. You notice some wrinkles in your face. Your skin becomes dry and you bruise easily.

These are but normal occurrences that can be eased by exercises, healthy eating, and plenty of water.

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