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Essential Health Checks for Men

Disease is common to humans. There are diseases that are specific to men and there are some that are specific to women. As a man, especially as you age, there are diseases that you are prone to contracting. Here is a list of essential health checks for men.

Prostate cancer
The most devastating disease today is cancer. For men particularly, prostate cancer is a silent killer because it presents little signs. Prostate cancer is common and it attacks men usually past the age of 45 years. A prostate exam is necessary for any man over the age of 40. Early detection will increase chances of recovery and treatment options. The cause of prostate cancer is unknown

Heart Failure
Heart failure is the inability of the heart to sufficiently supply the body with enough blood. Heart failure should not be confused with heart attack which is stopping of the heart. To check for heart failure, your health services provider will carry out standard checks such as an echo-cardiograph (ECG) and an echo-cardiogram test. These tests show the rate of pumping of your heart and whether it is healthy.

Sugar levels
Diabetes is a genetic disease that involves rise in sugar levels in the blood or failure of a hormone known as insulin to function properly. Although diabetes is mainly genetic, age is a major risk factor of diabetes. So as a man as you age, you will need to take several regular tests for your blood sugar. A blood sugar test involves pricking the tip of your finger and drawing just a small droplet of blood.

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Blood pressure
Blood pressure is not only a check for people who are aging. Young men as well should constantly check the levels of blood pressure. A blood pressure test consists of a kit fitted to your arm, from which the healthcare provider will take two readings. One reading is known as the Systolic (maximum) pressure and the other is the Diastolic (minimum) pressure. A desirable value for blood pressure is between 90 and 120 for systolic and between 60 and 80 for diastolic blood pressure. If your blood pressure goes to high, you are at risk of heart failure or a stroke. You should maintain a reasonable pressure by eating right and avoiding stress.

Hearing and Sight
As we age, we start losing the sharpness of our senses. Hearing and sight are usually the first to start going. Glaucoma, a condition where the cornea of the eye hardens is common once you hit 60. This is one of the leading causes of blindness. You will need to see an ophthalmologist to check up your eyes and perhaps prescribe contact lenses for you. For hearing there is little you can do, although hearing aids are an option.

Early check up enables you to prevent the onset and at times cure these diseases. For those that are not curable, you will be better placed to manage their spread or increase. Book a doctor’s appointment online if you cannot find one within your neighborhood and get checked today.

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