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Essential Tips For Better Flirting

If you have ever been attracted to someone then you will be extremely familiar with the moment when you first experience that feeling towards the person in question. In some situations it is as simple as the classic case of seeing them from across a room and being instantly drawn to them. On other occasions a bond can build up over a period of time or after going through specific moments together and suddenly feeling an attraction to each other. Whether you have just met or if you have known the person for some time you will naturally wonder whether your feeling for them is reciprocated. Flirting is the way to test the water so to speak, in order to get some sort of indication of whether they are interested, and you should always have these tips in mind when you do it.

Unequivocal attention
Building up the courage to begin talking to someone you are attracted to is never easy but the more you think about it the more complicated it becomes in your mind. Incidentally this is also why you should be gentle if you intend to let someone down who is clearly interested in you. Once you have begun your conversation with the object of your attraction the thing to always remember is to give them your undivided attention. The way in which you do this should be with a relaxed confidence and this in turn will spread to the other person. Keeping eye contact is also a must and will allow you to build a flowing conversation to get to know them.

A continued interest
With eye contact and confidence taken care of you can then take the opportunity to learn all about the other person. It is key to display a genuine desire to know about them but by the same token it is important to give them an idea about you as well. Ideally the conversation should flow between talking about each other but if in doubt avoid talking too much about yourself.

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Easing the tension
Being open enough goes together with using humour to ease any nervous tension when flirting. It all helps towards both of you feeling relaxed and can show that you are not uptight. Body language is another key factor so make sure that you are not displaying closed signals in terms of the way you are sat or the gestures you make.

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