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Herbal teas are gaining popularity because of the many benefits that they have. Today, there are many different types of tea that are available in the market. Many people are now concerned about their health this is why they are willing to try to drink herbal teas because they think that it could help with their condition. There are many types of teas that are available on the internet and the different herbs have different have different effects on the body. Some of them could target a specific part of your body like the liver. This could be seen with herbs that can detoxify the body. Naturally detoxifying the body will help the liver with its function. There are also other herbs that could help prevent the infection brought about by the microorganisms.

A special kind of tea
This special tea is primarily composed of 4 different herbs. These herbs are burdock root, sheep sorrel, rhubarb and slippery elm. With the combined effects of these herbs, it is believed that this tea is able to cure many different illnesses including cancer. Some of the diseases that it could also cure are different microbial infection, organ diseases and other simple diseases.

To be able to know how the tea is able to help you, you must have information on what the herbs really do to the body. This combination of herbs was first done by a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse. She used this concoction to cure the different diseases that her patients have. This is why the tea is named after her. This tea is known as essiac. This name came from the reverse of her family name.

Burdock root
The burdock root acts as an antioxidant. Most believe that an antioxidant can help prevent the formation of the cancer cells. This herb is also antibacterial and antifungal. This property of the herb will help fight against the infection that might be brought about by bacteria or fungi. It is also capable of removing the toxin in the body. This is why it is also used as a cleanser for the body especially for the liver. When you cleanse the body, you also help the liver do its function and this will help decrease the work that your liver has to do. Preventing the cancer cells to mutate and increase in number could also be done with the use of this herb. This is why people use this herb to prevent themselves from having cancer of different types.

Sheep sorrel
Sheep sorrel is another ingredient that is believed to be used by Asian countries due to its anti-tumor capabilities. This adds to the anti-cancer effect of the other herbs. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body to become healthy. When you give your body the enough vitamins and minerals they need, it will be able to function normally and well. This will prevent the growth of tumor or cancer cells. The body could also perform what it needs to perform if you make sure that you give with whatever it needs. Research studies also suggest that sheep sorrel could be used to promote glandular health.

This herb is included in the mixture of herbs because of its antimicrobial properties. It is also believed that cancer risk is decreased with its help. Proper circulation in the body is also improved with the use of rhubarb. The blood vessel will be able to dilate and constrict properly with the use of it. This will improve the blood flow throughout your body. When blood circulation is proper, your muscles will also be able to move properly. The blood brings what the different cells need. If enough nutrients isdistributed in the body, the different cells could perform what it is supposed to do. It is also believed that the rhubarb has the capability to protect the lungs from damage.

Slippery elm
The last component of the essiac tea is the slippery elm which is used as an expectorant and a diuretic. It is capable of helping those who have asthma. This will help you to release your phlegm and be able to breathe properly. Some people also use this to soothe their throat. Others drink this tea because of its capability of relieving inflammation. Inflammation in the body should be remedied so that the damage in the body would not be severe. Some people also find it beneficial to their gastrointestinal tract.

With the combination of these 4 herbs, it is believed that there are many diseases that the tea could cure. With today’s technology, there are many ways on how different companies could send you the tea. Some of them ship the extract that is ready to drink. Others can ship it in powdered form. There are also capsules of the tea that are available. This tea is not only for humans, animals are also safe to drink it. You could also give this to your pet so that you would also keep them healthy.

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