Event Planning Essential Tips

Event Planning Essential Tips

Staging an event of any kind can be a very challenging undertaking. Funding, choosing a venue and obtaining permits are just a few of the many tasks that will need to be accomplished. However, with proper organization and planning it is possible to plan and execute a successful and memorable event for all who participate in it.

Event Plan

Create a plan for the event. Each plan will have its own specific aspects according to the type of event. For example, an event featuring music will require that more technical staging, lighting and sound concerns be addressed. During the planning process, create a team if possible and arrange to meet with everyone involved in the planning process. The following should be included in the plan:

  1. Budget
    Determine the budget for the event. Establishing the amount of funding available is key to move forward with planning. For example, how much to allocate toward renting the venue, staffing, marketing and advertising, entertainment and other costs will need to be determined. Also decide upon the cost per ticket for the event.
  2. Location.
    Make a list of requirements for the venue and begin scouting various locations to consider. Ascertain the best date and time for the event. Check with each venue concerning available dates and costs. The location will be key to logistics so it needs to be confirmed very early in the planning process. Be certain to clear the location with all key managers and event planning participants.
  3. Finalize venue, date and time.
    Confirm the location, date and time for the event. Ensure that all details of the agreement are understood. Business managers should review all agreements. Ensure that the event complies with all local laws and ordinances. Enlist a lawyer to review the venue agreement and confirm local law compliance with an attorney.
  4. Sound, music and lighting.
    Many people do not realize that booking a band or sound professionals needs to be done well in advance. Therefore, arrange for the type of sound that will be needed quickly. If a band or DJ is chosen, be certain that the music is appropriate for the kind of event to be showcased. Listen to the material and confirm that instruments and equipment such as a PA system will be provided or arrange to obtain it. Engage lighting professionals to ensure that suitable lighting is available for the event.
  5. Speakers, guests and staff.
    Contact special speakers and guests that will be highlighted at the event. Reach out to volunteers and hire workers as appropriate. Also plan the concessions or catering as required.
  6. Marketing materials.
    Once the venue and entertainment has been confirmed consult with professional printers about tickets, programs, flyers and other marketing materials. Ensure that they are designed in accordance with the entity’s brand and have managers sign off on them. Determine how tickets will be distributed.
  7. Advertising.
    When all of the details are confirmed, design an advertising strategy that includes both traditional and online activities. The strategy should include:
    • Press releases to local and online media
    • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and LinkedIn if appropriate
    • Target market outreach online and off
    • Continual media updates to be released weekly

Budget permitting, the following channels should be considered for marketing and advertising distribution:

  • Email, regular mail and online forums
  • Local print, radio and TV advertising
  • Flyer distribution at the venue and relevant locations
  • Consider offering a contest for free tickets

It takes a village to organize a successful event. However, with a plan and team of professionals it is assured that a memorable, successful and pleasant experience will be had by all.

Professional consultations

Make a list of every professional person involved in planning with contact information. For example, dj equipment hire can help to determine the kind of graphic and sound equipment that will be required. Many of these professionals can accommodate most budgets and have helpful other pointers to offer.

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