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Precision cutting or abrasive water jet laceration is one of the best ways to slice hard substances. In this, a pressurized and forceful stream of water is allowed on a substance to slice it perfectly. As a whole, this technique gives efficient results by providing accurate and well finished edges. The stream of water travels at a faster rate to erode the material which is being cut. Entire process of cutting with water is exactly similar to water erosion and plays a big role in giving soft and accurate edges. Almost all materials are perfectly sliced and reshaped with this technique. It features an efficient and eco friendly way to cut hard materials.

Everything You'd Like To Know About Precision Cutting Techniques

Advantages of Precision Cutting with Waterjet Systems

  • Efficiency to cut any material- Non thermal or water cutting technique features the efficiency to cut any substance. Materials with variable thickness can be sliced perfectly through this technique. Substances with thickness of more than 0.100 inches are also sliced perfectly.
  • No issue of heating- Another benefit from this technique lack of heating. Unlike other cutting techniques, waterjet doesn’t affect the effects the physical integrity of the substances. Erosion of substance does not involve heat generation and plays a big role in maintaining physical efficiency of the substance.
  • Eco friendly behavior- The next feature of water laceration is eco friendliness. As compared to other methods, water cutting provides an efficient and eco friendly environment. It does not emit harmful fumes and helps in promoting environmental protection.
  • Precise and accurate and results- As compared to other techniques, water laceration is much better and reliable. It not only slices harmful substances but also gives precise and accurate cutting results. No other technique gives soft, clean and well finished edges like waterjet does.
  • Easy to maintain- Waterjets carry simple and cost efficient maintenance. They are purchased at affordable rates and don’t take expensive maintenance too.

Working of the Machine

The machine is connected to highly pressurized water pump which ejects the water from nozzle to cut the substance perfectly. High force of the stream erodes the substance and gives a fine, precise and accurate cut. Essential additives like grit, granite of aluminum oxide can play a big role availing efficient results. To avail best results, visit at

The cutter is commonly connected to a high-pressure water pump where the water is then ejected from the nozzle, cutting through the material by spraying it with the jet of high-speed water. Additives in the form of suspended grit or other abrasives, such as granite and aluminum oxide, can assist in this process.

You can modify width and depth of the cut by changing parts of the nozzle, along with type and size of the abrasive. Specific abrasive slicing is conducted with a kerf in the range of 1,016 to 1,270 mm. This range can be modified according to different cutting needs. This was all about efficient waterjet laceration. This technique features an efficient and reliable way to slice hard substances.