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If you are looking for some simple ways to add storage space to your home, you’ve came to the right spot. Continue reading below to learn about some excellent tips that can help you add storage, allowing you to live in a space that is less cluttered and better organized.

Vertical Space
Instead of leaving items on the floor, place them on vertical shelves. These types of shelves can be stacked to the ceiling if you prefer and are great for storing books, small items, and more.

Canisters make for a great way of storing art supplies. You can purchase canisters at a local retail shop or you can use ones you already own. Many times, kids will love helping you decorate canisters, and they can then store some of their small personal belongings in them. The canisters can be placed on dressers, in your kitchen, on the back of a toilet, or anywhere you prefer. More great items to store in canisters are eye-shadows, lipsticks, make-up brushes, and more.

Washer and Dryer
Not many people think to use their washer and dryer as storage space; however, if you have a front loading washer and dryer, these two items can easily be made into a table in which you can store detergent, spray bottles, and other items that tend to clutter up the laundry room. An excellent way to turn the washer and dryer into a table is to place a large piece of wood over them. You can even staple a table cloth to the wood giving the wood a more preferred look.

Doubling Space in Your Closet
By simply adding a second rod to your closet, you can double the space. A rod kit can be purchased at your local hardware store and is very easy to install.

Use Boxes in Your Closet
Another great way to maximize the amount of storage space in your closet is to use boxes instead of throwing everything into it. If you don’t want the ‘plain’ look of regular boxes, simply decorate the boxes yourself or purchase printed boxes. You can even use plastic tubs in your closet, which tend to be more durable than cardboard boxes. In most instances, you will probably prefer to use boxes or tubs that have no lids as this makes it easy for you to retrieve the stored items when you need them.

Turn your ladder into a bookshelf; this great storage idea takes someone with the ability to use a drill. Simply secure the ladder to your wall by using a drill and screws. Many times, using a ladder as a bookshelf only looks good in a room with tall ceilings, but if you can find a miniature ladder or step stool, these types of items can be used in any size room. Store whatever items you want on the ladders: books, flowers, mail, etc.

For those of you with children, using stackable crates is a great way to maximize the storage space in their rooms. The crates can be purchased at a local retail store, or if you can get your hands on some milk crates, these work just as well also. A great way to colour coordinate the crates to your child’s room is to paint them.

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