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Christmas brings its own special kind of decoration. This is where you can really have fun, and give your Christmas that added touch of sophistication. Here are a few hints and tips to make sure your Christmas décor is something to remember.

Christmas Candle Holders

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without candles. While candles are depicted on Christmas imagery from greetings cards to seasonal packaging, we tend not to use them as frequently as we have done in the past. Sure, we have tea lights and scented candles, but we tend not to have something special for the Christmas period. By adding themed Christmas candle holders and candle sticks, these can really lift your table or mantelpiece display,

Seasonal Flora

You can create wonderful centre pieces and decorations on a budget, just from what’s lying around outside. Hunting for the twigs and sticks is a great excuse for a walk, and a stroll through woodland can yield rich rewards. Get a good bundle of twigs and sticks, and spray them with silver or gold paint. When they’re completely dry, place them in a tall vase. You can tie them with wire, adding other elements such as pine cones if you wish.

Always remember to use spray paint in a well ventilated area, wearing a breathable mask over your nose and mouth.

Christmas Vases

Not just for plants, vases are a great source of inspiration when decorating for Christmas. Tall vases in particular can be used in a variety of ways, and one of the most fun is filling them with coloured water. Simply add a few drops of food colouring to water to match your seasonal colour scheme.

Alternatively, you can fill tall, wide vases with Christmas tree ornaments or a string of lights. This is an especially fun and festive way of giving your room a little more sparkle for the season.

Gorgeous Glass

Right now, upcycling is all the rage. What is upcycling? Like recycling, it’s all about using things that have already served their purpose. However, instead of sending things aways to be shredded or melted down, they’re just given a new purpose. Wine bottles are perfect for this, and make fabulous decorations at Christmas. You can paint bottles in your chosen colour scheme, or the classic red or green.

Leave the bottle to soak so that the label peels off easily. Glass is a smooth surface, which makes it very hard to paint on, so you need to make the whole surface of the bottle rougher. To do this, rub the bottle with a course sandpaper. Again, you’ll need your breathable face mask for this, and the for the spraying later. Once you’ve done this, thoroughly wipe the glass with damp kitchen roll and leave the bottle to dry.

The next stage is so spray the primer. Spray primer evenly over the bottle, which you can turn by hooking a finger into the neck. This will help to smooth out the rubbed down surface, and keep the paint from cracking as the bottle expands and contracts slightly with temperature fluctuations. When the primer is dry, you can now apply your paint. It’s advisable to spray the paint from about 10 inches away to get a smooth surface.

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