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Exercise has many benefits for the health and wellbeing, but there are specific exercise programs that can help improve the lives of individuals living with debilitating diseases. Numerous studies have shown that by performing Parkinsons exercises one can significantly impact the speed and intensity that the disease progresses, according to the Nation Parkinson’s Foundation.

One study conducted at the University of Southern California, found that individuals living with Parkinson’s who exercised on a regular basis were able to function more normally than those who did not. Also, they maintain that by exercising, patients are able to hold onto old connections in the brain while creating new ones and perhaps could even bring back lost ones, according to the National Parkinson Foundation.

Must Haves in a Parkinson’s Exercise Routine
When it comes to successful Parkinsons exercises there are a few must haves. The National Parkinson Foundation has exercise tips that explain the most important components for Parkinson’s patients are that their routine has them participate in stretching, aerobics, and resistance or weight training. There is an abundance of research that backs the benefits a regular exercise routine has on the body and mind.

There have been heartwarming and inspirational stories of Parkinson’s patients recovering from a downward spiral in their disease progression by adding exercise to their treatment. The National Parkinson Foundation does caution that you should not simply enter into a fitness routine without any guidance.

They suggest that:

–          Set realistic goals. Do not try to push yourself beyond your limits.

–          Find an exercise program that meets your needs. There are programs that are catered specifically to those with Parkinson’s. Some of these programs will even track your progress for you.

–          Exercise when you are feeling your best. Try and get in your fitness routine when your medicine is working well and you are feeling good.

–          If it is causing you pain, stop! It is important to know what you are physically able to do, do not attempt to push yourself beyond this.

–          Always take time to rest and recover. While you should have a schedule of exercising on a regular basis, your body will need time to recoup. If you feel you pushed yourself too far one day, skip a day to allow your body more recovery time.

It is always best to consult your physician before beginning any fitness routine, whether you have Parkinson’s or not. Know your limits, be safe, have fun, and feel better!

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