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When you’re on the road night and day, it can be difficult to get in some exercise. There aren’t exactly semi-truck-sized parking spaces at local gyms. However, for health reasons it’s important to try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, especially if most of your time is spent sitting behind the wheel. And if you move from using a paper log to an electronic driver log, the time you save can go directly to time for your new exercise routine.

Here are some ways you can get some exercise in at the truck stop. Other truckers might make fun of your routines, but at least you’ll feel better and be more in shape.

Exercises You Can Do At The Truck Stop

Use the Picnic Tables at Rest Stops as Workout Benches

Almost all truck stops contain them. Lift one side of the table like a weight. One trucker even uses picnic tables to do decline pushups. Do mountain climbers by holding the picnic table and pulling your knees to your chest. You can also do picnic table bench steps by stepping up and off the seat. Look at picnic tables as multi-purpose fitness tools.

Walk, Jog or Run Laps Around the Truck Stop

It may not be the most glamorous workout, but it still burns calories and gets you moving. You can even sprinkle these runs throughout your day – when you stop for meals, take 10 minutes to jog around the truck stop first. (If you wait until after you eat, you may not feel like it.) Three 10 minute jogs gets you 30 minutes of exercise for the day.

A Great Exercise for Truckers to take up is Yoga

Yoga is great for stretching cramped muscles and helping one relax. Trucking is a stressful job with break downs, time limits, traffic and weather. The best part about yoga for truckers is that it doesn’t require a lot of space (or expensive equipment), so many can even do it in their trucks.

If you have enough Space, bring along some Weights

Lifting weights is a great way to keep your muscles rock-hard, even with a sedentary lifestyle. Lifting weights shouldn’t be your only exercise, though. Combine a weight routine with running, jogging or walking, too.

A Fold up Bike can also be Stuffed into Tight Living Quarters

After being in a vehicle all day, you may not feel like exercising on a piece of transportation equipment. However, some will find it a great way to explore new areas they can’t see with their trucks and get some activity into their day.

When all else Fails, go back to the Basic Exercises you Learned in Gym Class

You can do activities such as jumping jacks, squats, or jumping rope. These exercises will also help you elevate your heart rate and burn calories.

Make sure you get some exercising in every day. While it might be difficult to make it to the gym, there isn’t an excuse not to exercise, even on the road. Get some of your trucking friends to join in on your routine to make it more enjoyable for you and help revolutionize truck driver habits.