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Dog Skin ProblemsThere are a number of skin issues that can affect dogs. These dog skin problems can make man’s best friend miserable, and at times even render him not so friendly due simply to discomfort. There are also various treatments on the market that help, but understanding the issues caused and the remedies that help the most can be overwhelming for a dog owner. Following are some ideas and tips that may help.

Early Detection Is Important

Of course most dogs have occasional issues with ticks or fleas, but aside from that, there should be no reason for your canine pal to constantly scratch or rub. They should not be losing hair, even in small amounts, and there is never any “normal” reason for bleeding or scaling. When these signs are seen there is likely a skin problem on the horizon. If it is one you have seen before, you may have some sort of treatment, a salve or a spray, on hand that you can begin to use immediately. It the issue clears up, then you are set. However, dog skin problems are nothing to mess with. At the first sign of anything unusual begin to watch closely, and any change other than in a positive direction, or more than a few days with treatment and no change, warrants a visit to the veterinarian.

Treatment Can Help

There are basically three kinds of treatment for dog skin problems. Oral medications are generally a method of last resort as topical treatments get to the source of most skin problems much more quickly and effectively. Salves and sprays both work for this, but which one should be used is sometimes difficult to determine. First and foremost listen to the advice and direction of your veterinarian. General guidelines are as follows however.

Salves May Work

These are thick and offer protection for raw, exposed skin. They are most effective when fur is missing as they are easier to get to the affected area at that point, and they can be quite soothing in addition to the protection offered.

Sprays Can Assist You

These may work whether the fur is gone or not, as a spray can reach the skin through the fur if applied properly. If the fur is still in place to offer some protection, a spray may be the way to go. It can also offer a cooling effect that may help with comfort.

In either case, it may be necessary to shave around the affected area to ensure treatment reaches the affected area and has the opportunity to work to its fullest capacity. Dr. Rose’s Remedies offer wonderful remedies for dog skin problems that, along with your vet, could be your best line of defense for keeping your dog’s skin healthy.

Faith Stewart writes for a variety of websites.