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Creating an outdoor living area on your patio is a wonderful way to expand your living and entertaining space. Adding a fire pit to your patio room can extend the length of time you are able to enjoy your outdoor living area.

There are fire pit designs to complement whatever type of outdoor decor you have selected. Square and rectangular shaped pits are a perfect match for modern and contemporary outdoor furnishings. Just as with your indoor granite counter tops, a square or rectangular shaped fire pit made of steel with a sophisticated granite design around its edge would be a magnificent addition to a modern outdoor patio decor. Copper or wrought iron fire pits could also be used on your modern or contemporary patio.

Fire pit designs vary in so many ways that you can find a design that corresponds with your sophisticated personality or one that lets you show a little of the whimsical or adventurous side of your personality. Fire pits that have a moon and stars design are quite popular. Some designs include a cover and there are also fire pits available that have a cooking crate as one of their enticing features.

Round fire pits provide an all inclusive view of the fire for everyone who joins you on the patio. They add the same visual softness to the decor as round tables and rugs do to your interior space. You can find round fire pits that have surface space that you can use as a table whenever the fire pit is not in use. This design is great for a small patio that requires creative design ideas.

You can select from wood burning, gas or propane fire pits. There are a variety of designs available in each fuel option. The fuel option you select is a matter of personal preference. All will provide warmth and ambiance and quickly become the center of attention whenever you entertain on the patio.

As the warm summer nights fade away and autumn’s chill makes an appearance, you can enjoy some tranquil evenings and peaceful mornings on the patio if you have the beneficial warmth a fire pit provides. You can seize the opportunity to enjoy unexpected warm winter evenings sitting around the fire on the patio. Outdoor beauty abounds in the fall and winter. By incorporating a fire pit into your patio design, you can enjoy that beauty while staying comfortably warm near your patio fire pit.

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