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Fabulous Honeymoon Hotels In London

London is one of the finest capital cities in the world and every year millions of people head to London from overseas to checkout this amazing cultural capital. But it isn’t just holidaymakers and tourists… a lot of people come to London from the US (in-particular) for their Honeymoon. People are wanting to spend less time on the beach and more time wondering across London, visiting typical London Pubs and having beer from a pump. Or even going to see a local football match at Chelsea.

Summer in London can also see the most spectacular of weather and therefore, gone are the days when London was a summer washout, it can often be hotter in London than in the Bahamas. So, if you are on the honeymooners who are wanting to visit London and want a hotel that reminds you that you are on your honeymoon then check these out!

Four Seasons Resort in London
That is correct, this world wide chain of Hotels has a hotel in London and it is perfectly suited towards the honeymoon couple. When you stay there you can expect a balcony room over looking Hyde Park and taking champagne breakfast on there is a great way to start your day while on your honeymoon! Of course there is also the option of in room candle lit dining as well! This really is a fabulous hotel to consider when travelling to London on your honeymoon… but don’t fret, it isn’t the only one.

St Ermins Hotel
This hotel is ideal for those who want a classy hotel but without the expensive price tag. Its known as the safest hotel in London as its located opposite New Scotland Yard in the heart of St James Park. This hotel takes you back in time with its slightly dated décor but fabulous setting and the service is second to none, it may appear slightly dated but don’t be deceived this really is a stunning hotel and well worth the money you would spend on it.

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The Bentley Hotel in Knightsbridge
This is often referred to as one of London’s best kept secrets… it is hidden in the heart of Chelsea and when you visit there you will think it’s a place where future royalty might stay with its very grand setting and design. They have a stunning selection of suites suitable for any honeymooners with walk in shower and whirlpool baths and the food you can expect in the restaurants is simply stunning.

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