Fantastic Use of Design in Print

Fantastic Use of Design in Print

Printed materials are used all over the world to advertise businesses, products, services and people. Everyone has received some type of printed marketing material during their lifetime, whether that be a flyer, a brochure or a business card – we’ve all had something.

The chances are that you see several (or more) pieces of marketing material like this each week. You’ll often find them coming through your postbox, or tucked inside newspapers or magazines, or being handed out in the streets or at certain events. They are a very effective way of delivering information about your product, service or business. The only trouble is that with so many companies using this type of advertising, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, and if you don’t stand out then your efforts will go to waste – how many of the flyers, brochures or business cards you’ve seen recently can you actually remember what they were offering? I bet the number is very low, if any.

I’ve put together a huge collection of some of the most inspirational designs for use in print. These are all creative, unique and fresh ideas which should perform exceptionally well against the majority of printed marketing materials we see in circulation. As you’re browsing through these designs, take notes on each design – what about the design grabs your attention, what elements of the design stand out the most, what makes you want to keep reading? Then use those same design elements in your project. Lets get to the designs:

That should be plenty of material to inspire your project! If you still find yourself stuck for ideas then you can turn to templates. There are companies who provide ready-made templates for flyers, business cards, postcards, brochures and other materials. All you need to do is pick the design you want, fill in your details and then have it printed! It’s a very simple process, but you are much more limited in terms of design.

The printing process is just as important as the design process, a low quality print will ruin the effectiveness of your campaign, regardless to how well designed your materials are. I always use Next Day Flyers, they’ve been established for a long time and have a great reputation in the print industry, and they have a manual quality check on all orders – that basically guarantees that your printed design is going to come out looking exactly as it should. I’ve used companies in the past who clearly do not use such a quality check, which results in printed materials which are not aligned correctly due to marginal errors. So make sure you go with a well-established company.

With an amazing design and a good choice of printer, you should see a great return on your marketing efforts. Stay focused, stay creative, and good luck with your design and marketing project!

Author Bio: Nathan Daniels has worked in design and marketing for the past 10 years. He enjoys keeping up to date on everything to do with design, print, technology and creativity, and you can find him blogging about these things regularly here and at other top blogs around the web

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