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North-Dakota-has-the-most-intense-fantasy-football-participationThe fantasy football season can seem painfully short at times, especially if your entry in your favorite fantasy league acquires a few quick loses to start the season. When you are playing in fantasy football money leagues or just playing for fun, an owner just can’t accept a losing season sitting down. There is just too much at stake – pride and money running just behind lording it over your friends. The good news is you still have a very good chance to win if you act now. The average fantasy football league’s ultimate winner is usually only a few games over a .500 winning percentage. Fantasy football owners armed with determination and a FAAB budget can rebuild their fantasy football rosters on the fly by following just a three simple steps.

Do Not Give Up

Those are not just the inspirational words of the great Jimmy Valvano. It is a mantra that fantasy owners in competitive leagues should adopt. Far too many fantasy owners stop managing their teams when they do not get the immediate results they wanted. Other owners may make poor decisions based on very small sample sizes. Such an owner may even release an early round pick that underperformed against one of the league’s better defenses. Even worse, he may do it to pick-up the flash in the pan tight-end that had an impossibly good start to the season. This is when the savvy and alert owner will pounce. Those factors alone could earn you a win or two before you even make a move. Those wins are crucial when you are playing in fantasy football money leagues.

Work the Waiver Wire

The more competitive your league the more important it is to work the waiver wire every week. There is always talent available after your fantasy draft that will have a significant impact on the fantasy season. Even if you do not need the extra receiver or running back this week, you may encounter injuries, slumps or poor match-ups later in the season. Search for players that seem to be gaining the attention of head coaches and quarterback. Statistically you are better off looking for players that are getting a good number of carries or targets rather than the guy that had just one target and just so happened to turn it into 80 yards and a touchdown.

Trade for Depth As Often As Possible

Fantasy Football wins often go to the team holding the most options rather than just the best overall player. It is awesome to have a guy like Julio Jones that can fill a starting slot on your fantasy roster every week. However, if some dufus owner is willing to upgrade you at multiple positions for the privilege of starting Jones then you should carefully consider it. If the collective upgrade is worth more in average weekly fantasy points than the difference between Jones and the receiver that takes his place in your lineup – you do that move all day, every day.

Making the playoffs is the most important step in your journey to a fantasy football championship. Battling as hard as possible by managing your team to the utmost of your ability and chasing the available talent not only makes it very possible to compete in the playoffs but it may give you an insurmountable edge.  To learn more about fantasy football money leagues, visit DraftStreet.

Jon Williams writes for a variety of sports websites.