Features That Make Bike Trunks Perfect For Greengrocers

Features That Make Bike Trunks Perfect For Greengrocers

Since a greengrocer primarily deals with the selling of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, he/she needs to buy a fresh stock of fruits and vegetables on a bi-weekly basis or more depending upon the increase in demand.

In many developing countries, most greengrocers find it convenient to setup a small shop in the ground floor of their apartment building. However, those greengrocers whose shop is located at a considerable distance from their residence often find it economical to travel by means of a bike.

It is noteworthy that one needs to possess a durable luggage bag for the frequent transportation of fruits and vegetables. Any bag that has weak seams can easily get torn in a matter of months. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to opt for a biker bag that either has reinforced stitchingor a very hard outer shell. The exceptionally hard exterior of bike trunks coupled with their spaciousness, makes them perfect for green grocers. Highlighted below are some of the additional features of these trunks that will serve to facilitate every trader who deals with fresh fruits or vegetables.

1)      Waterproof
The waterproof outer surface of motorcycle trunks is designed to prevent the seepage of rain droplets and moisture in the bag’s main compartment! This attribute makes these biker trunks suitable for the safekeeping of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apricots, apples, oranges, citrus fruits, spinach, cucumbers, avocados, beans, radishes and potatoes.

The water-resistant shell of these trunks will prevent the aforementioned fruits and vegetables from becoming exposed to fungal spores.

2)      Impressive Volume
The immense volume of a motorcycle trunk will enable a greengrocer to neatly assemble his/her selection of organic fruits or vegetables thereby preventing them from getting piled on top of one another.

It is noteworthy that certain fruits and vegetables such as cherries and tomatoes can easily get squashed if placed under much heavier variety of fruits and vegetables. The ample space afforded by these biker trunks will therefore, play a significant role in ensuring that such ripe fruits and vegetables retain their original firmness by affording the grocer an opportunity to stack them at the top!

3)      State of the Art Locking Mechanism
Every self-employed grocer has to keep a record of the financial transactions as well. Apart from the required calculations done on a routine basis, a greengrocer has to empty the cash counter every night as well!

The state of the art locking mechanism of trunks for motorcycles is absolutely theft-proof thereby enabling the grocer to safely store his/her cash.

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