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Office water coolers have become an essential part of our day-to-day office life so much so that we can’t think of doing without them even for a single day. A water cooler is an electronic appliance or a water machine that stores, cools and dispenses water. Some modern office coolers even have the heating feature. The significance of a water cooler in an office is vital as it is the source of the healthiest drink, which is also one of the most vital elements required by human life. The popularity of office coolers is not only because they provide healthy drinking water but also due to their several other advantages. Let us check out some of these cool benefits of office water coolers.

Fast Cooling
If you need cold and refreshing water, you don’t have to fill your water bottle and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer to cool it. What you need is to simply go to the office water cooler and open its cold water faucet. Within seconds cold water is in your glass. This is a much better germ-free option.

Saves Space
Installing an office water cooler could help you get rid of your office refrigerators, which are mostly used for water cooling purposes. Even if you don’t want to do away with the refrigerators, you could at least utilise the space inside the refrigerators for storing food, etc.

Easy Maintenance
Water coolers are very easy to maintain as most water coolers use certified packaged drinking water bottles which are free from any form of dirt. A periodical cleaning is just what you need to keep your water machine hygienic.

Saves Time
Use of water coolers in offices has lowered the frequency of employees going out and grabbing a cold coffee or cola. Now, they can enjoy a fresh glass of cool water from the office water cooler whenever they feel the need to do so. Also, for those employees who used to go for multiple beverage breaks, the frequency will now be less as they can substitute some of the breaks with trips to the office water cooler for a glass of sparkling cold water.

Save Money and Stay Fit
Use of office coolers could also help you save money. For example, availability of sparkling healthy water near your desk will prevent your frequent trips outside the office premises for beverages and even snacks. These outings involve costs, waste of your valuable time and even affect your diet regimen. Though not to a great deal, but reduced trips outside the office will help you save some money at the end of each month which you could then use for more constructive reasons, maybe to get a gym membership .

Care for the Environment
The water machines installed in a workplace could encourage its employees not to use smaller plastic bottles to store the drinking water but to grab a glass of water from the water cooler whenever they feel like it. To encourage this, they could even install the machines in such a way that no employee has to move a considerable distance to get a drink. Also, this policy of an organisation, in a way, could reflect that they care for the environment by reducing the use of plastic.

Forging Bonds
Office water coolers are the source of interaction and exchange of ideas as people meet and get to know each other while having a glass of cold water. If you are new to an organisation, you are sure to bump into most of the employees while visiting the office water cooler. In that sense, a water cooler can be considered an ice breaker and a catalyst to forge new bonds in an office.

Syed Afzal Hussain is an Instructional Designer by vocation and an avid movie buff and blogger by choice. He loves to write about people and what they like and dislike and most of his ideas have surfaced while grabbing a glass of cool water from his water machines and Office Water Coolers.