Features To Look For In A Toronto Magic Show

Features To Look For In A Toronto Magic Show

Magic is a feature all round the world.  It doesn’t matter where you go you will be able to find a magic show to thrill and entice you.  It may be magic performed by a one person street act, or the glamorous, high profile explosive illusions which can only be found on the big stage.  The effect should always be the same; to leave you amazed, enthralled and confused.  Because the logical thing to do after seeing a magic show is attempt to work out how the magic was performed.

Features To Look For In A Toronto Magic Show

Sadly a good magician will never reveal his tricks; to find out the secrets behind the sparkle you will need to go behind the scenes and visit a magic school; Magical Duda do an excellent course to introduce you to the art of magic.  Of course, this may not qualify you to understand how the more complex illusions are created; but it is a first step!

If you are considering visiting a Toronto magic show, or even one elsewhere; you should check out if they have these features:


The key to success for any Toronto magic show is that it must be entertaining.  Magic can be scintillating if performed correctly.  A good Toronto magic show will provide you with an excellent evening’s entertainment.  This means that you will finish the evening happy you went; having enjoyed a few chuckles and a few mesmerizing moments.

Entertainment is essential to any show; the ability to amuse an audience allows the magic to take place whilst they are distracted.


Another essential feature of a Toronto magic show is a little suspense.  If the magician is in a life threatening situation and this moment is drawn out you will definitely remember the show for the suspense it brought to you. The whole issue of whether the magician will survive or not may be pre-planned but it is still enthralling!  This is another essential element of the Toronto magic show and will ensure you have the night of your life!

New Illusions

It is also imperative that a great Toronto magic show brings a new illusion to the audience.  This is one of the most difficult aspects of being a magician; the constant need to find new material and each illusion must be bigger and better than the one before.  It is a challenge than many magicians accept and many struggle to fulfill.  There is no doubt that the bigger and better the illusion the more talked about the Toronto magic show will be.  In fact, one exceptionally stunning new illusion can blast a magician from the local stage to the international circuit.

Every magician must start at the bottom rung; magic school.  Most of them will achieve this whilst they are still young and move onto a more advanced school and even to become an apprentice for a well known and respected magician.  Time, patience and a continuing desire to create new illusions can move anyone up from this to their own Toronto magic show or international act!

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