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Festina Watches - TheMost Stylish, Sophisticated and Durable Watches of Modern Times Festina is a company that produces watches and it was established in the year in 1902 in Switzerland.The manufacturer’s motto was ‘Festina Lente’ (Latin words for ‘Hasten slowly’). In 1984, the owner of the Lotus brand – MiguelRodriguez bought Festina. He created the group called Festina Lotus S.A. After the takeover, the company was shifted to Barcelona.

Festina watches (in Danish Festina ure) are assembled exclusively on the Citizen Watch Company Japanese movements.

On the official website of Festina, you can read the history and philosophy of the brand, read news and see this brand’s catalog of watches.The site contains the range of watches with their specifications. All information about the company Festina Group can be found on the company’s website.

The company began operations in the year 1902 in Switzerland. The brand has been operational for more than a century and has established itself as a reputed brand in Europe. The brand offers various wristwatches that draw inspiration and designs from the vast heritage of the brand.Today the brand offers its client base various elegant, functional, fashionable wristwatches that appeal to both men and women and can be used for formal and informal meetings.The designers in the company have always kept updating the designs over the years to appeal to the new generation of buyers. The company was appointed as the official timekeeper for the prestigious cycling races held in France.

Festina Watches - TheMost Stylish, Sophisticated and Durable Watches of Modern Times The wristwatches made by the company enclose many designs and the latest technologies from across the globe. Two of the latest technologies used by the company are “Japanese Quartz” and “Mecaquartz”.

The company offers its client base various products which are based on digital technology, analog technology, chronograph technology etc. It also uses a wide range of materials like leather, titanium and stainless steel during the manufacturing process.

Over the past two decades, the client base of the company has increased substantially due to its beautiful designs. To extend its appeal to the latest generation, the company now focuses on sport related themes. It is backed by a very strong manufacturing and technology team. The company has also gained mileage by sponsoring events across the globe. This has helped the company make its name across the globe and it is slowly but surely becoming a global brand.

The company has overtaken many of its competitors on the back of its designs and functionality. Festina is now one of the fastest growing watch brands in the American market.

Festina watches are the watches that have durability, accuracy, style and are perfect for spicing up an athletic wardrobe.Choose any of the Festina watches from a sophisticated leather strap to a sparkling silver wristband.Festina has elegantly designed timepieces. Chronograph watches enable you to have a stopwatch by your side at all times, conveniently located around your wrist. Choose from the vast variety of these ladies’ and men’s watches (the Danish term is herreure) with superior designs and you will be guaranteed quality and class.