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Living healthy is a dominant trend in our culture these days. There is no way to keep up with all the information available to the consumer on this topic. The following healthy lifestyle tips will get anyone on the right track to being healthier and full of energy.

1. Nutrition 

The usual diet is very acidic, consisting mainly of meat, legumes, and grains. An acidic diet is known to cause arthritis, heart disease, low metabolism, hormone imbalances and even depression. Nutrition is key to preventing these conditions. Fruits and vegetables should be dominant in our diet along with protein; especially plant protein found in seeds and nuts. Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet create a less acidic condition to a more alkaline condition. Stay away from sugar and use products like stevia or coconut sugar in its place. Make sure that your diet is healthy and provides you the required amount f nutrition.

Few Healthy Lifestyle Tips
2. Sleeping for Health 

If you go for long periods without adequate sleep you become less productive and experience more stress in your life. Some of the things you should avoid if you want a good night of sleep are no alcohol before going to bed, watching television and avoid exercising for three hours prior to sleeping. Another tip is never go to bed angry. Also, use the bedroom for sleeping only. Keeping the room free from clutter will help in getting a good night’s rest. The most important tip for good sleep is a good mattress.

3. Using Herbs as Preventive Medicine 

Herbs are a safe and cost effective way to protect your health. Fill your medicine cabinet or kitchen cabinet with some medicinal herbs such as chamomile and valerian for sleep and relaxation. Add yarrow to the cabinet, which is like nature’s own band aid. Most everyone is familiar with Echinacea for protecting the immune system from colds and flu. If you have indigestion, peppermint is an excellent remedy for that. Parsley also helps with digestion. Lemon grass made into a tea helps reduce fever. Rosemary works on stopping headaches when applied directly. Lavendar is a very versatile herbal medicine. These herbs are the most basic ones that you will find in most home

 Few Healthy Lifestyle Tips

4. Alleviate Stress 

You need some stress in life to keep yourself motivated, but too much stress can kill you. Taking walks in nature, developing a meditation practice, doing yoga, developing your friendships and living life with moderation are excellent stress releasers. Avoid using drugs or alcohol to handle stress.

5. Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies 

It is advisable to carry your EU medical card with you, especially when you are travelling away from home. You can get this card through your insurance carrier. Be sure you are aware of what your insurance covers for medical emergencies and services.

Putting these tips to work for you will guarantee you better health and increase your energy to accomplish what you want out of your life. Nutrition, good sleep, preventive medicine and less stress will also enhance your spiritual and mental wellbeing.