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There are many reasons to opt for an iPhone SIM only deal. In a market where the standard contract duration seems to lengthen year on year, a deal that encompasses only the costs of texts, calls and your mobile data allowance and usage may lead to significant savings.

A SIM only iPhone deal allows you to economise by reusing an old phone or even by buying a new phone outright – the latter can often work out cheaper than a long contract which sinks the cost of the new phone into your monthly payments. And you have the option of upgrading your phone whenever you please, rather than feeling obliged to wait for your current contract to expire.

In 2012, the Daily Telegraph reported that 24 month contracts are swiftly becoming the standard, with 42 percent of consumers choosing this duration, an eightfold increase on the previous year. Many SIM only deals are rolling 30 day contracts, giving you flexibility – if something better comes up or you expect a change in your usage, you can quickly adapt.

Finding the Best SIM Only Deals for an iPhone

SIM only iPhone deals should not restrict your choice of network. iPhones are available to use with all of the major carriers, so there should be a great selection of deals. You will need an unlocked phone, unless you’re switching from your current provider.

There are many websites that can compare mobile phone offers. It’s important to bear in mind just how much the finer details of these deals can vary. Read each deal carefully so that you you are truly comparing like for like and minute for minute. as an example is an excellent resource for extracting maximum value out of all your utilities. The site’s comparison tool gives you multiple ways of organising the data – search by how much you want to spend per month and how much you want to pay upfront or view the editor’s top picks. They have a section on iPhone SIM only deals, with giffgaff coming out on top with their £12 a month pay as you go option.

You will need an iPhone unlocked for O2, but overall this deal is perfect for reusing your current iPhone at minimal cost. The forum dwellers of MoneySavingExpert also really know their stuff, should you need to ask any additional questions.

uSwitch has a similar comparison interface to, allowing you to define the essential parameters with sliding scales. They also have exclusive deals starting from just £10 and you can order online and receive the next day.

Finally, has some of the cheapest SIM only iPhone deals around, starting from as little as £2.50 per month. Bear in mind that this gets you just 25 minutes of calls and 50 texts. Make sure you work out your usage requirements – if you have just finished a contract this is easily done: find your monthly bills and take an average of your text and calls over a 6 month period.

Sorting out a new iPhone can be hassle and an expensive one at that. A SIM only deal for your iPhone gives you flexibility and the chance to make some serious savings.