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Finding The Right Lawyer For Your Case

While there are thousands of lawyers in Sydney, only a handful are specialists in the type of legal help you need. However, finding the right lawyer for your specific case can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Here are a few tips for finding the legal representation you need.

Ask for Referrals

If you used a certain lawyer for a child custody hearing years ago and trusted his expertise, you can always call his office for a referral. Lawyers often keep a list of other legal specialists in the area, so your custody lawyer may know just the right associate who handles your current issue. You can also ask friends and family for referrals. Gathering up a few names will help you make a short list of law firms to contact.

Do the Research

Once you have a list of names or firms, do some digging. Go online and search for charges against the lawyer, failed cases and other unsavory details. While no lawyer can win each and every case, you are looking for gross mistakes. As large errors sometimes cause disbarring, don’t be surprised if you cannot find any negative information. Lawyers who are truly incompetent are not usually permitted to continue practicing. If you find nothing to worry about, make appointments to consult with those left on your short list.

Attend Consultations

Gather all of the information and documentation pertinent to your case and meet with each lawyer on your list. Ask any questions you have, and make note of the answers. Unless you need the most simple of legal help, such as a quick document drawn up, you should like your lawyer. If you feel uncomfortable or have any negative reactions, this person may not be the lawyer for you. If you find that you do like the lawyer, ask for a list of their qualifications and collect a business card. Don’t make any decisions at the initial meeting.

Vet the Credentials

It’s time for more research. After you have collected the qualifications of your preferred lawyer, go online and look up their schooling. Did they earn their degree from a sub-par university? Can you call and verify that they did indeed graduate? While it’s rare, there have been cases of failed law students practicing law using completely fabricated credentials. Verifying the information is essential to choosing the right lawyer for your particular case.

Second Meeting

By this point, you may only have one or two lawyers left on your list. Meet with them again and discuss their track record with your type of case. Ask about legal precedents and how they would defend you in court. Any lawyer worth your time and money should have a plan in place for creating the best possible defense. If you are happy with the outcome of the second meeting, you can then hire the lawyer to represent you.

Out of all the lawyers in Sydney, you need to find the right one for your case. By following these tips, you can find a lawyer and have complete confidence in his or her abilities and qualifications.

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