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Making lifestyle changes to get fit is a long process for many of us. And due to a lack of patience and just plain lack of visible results, many people quit before they ever get close to their desired results. But what if before quitting, you identified one or two simple mistakes that were holding you back? Then working out wouldn’t be in vain and you wouldn’t have to give up in the middle of a weight loss fitness routine. Sounds too simple? Give these common mistakes a glance over and see for yourself:

Fitness Mistakes That Keep You Fat


It’s hard to drink too much water and those who exercise rarely get enough. Proper hydration is absolutely vital for the majority of body functions, including metabolism and fat-burning. Particularly after vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, rehydrating is the most important healthful thing you can do for your body. More than simply 8 glasses a day, your daily water consumption needs to compensate for the sweat lost in your morning commute, at the gym, and in the sauna. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty. When in doubt, drink a glass of water!

Not Enough Stretching

While some muscle soreness following an intense work out is to be expected, outright pain is something that often trips up even the most dedicated fitness junkies. If you skip stretching, before and after exercise, you’re not allowing your muscles enough access to blood flow and oxygen. This is why the acidic burns of sore muscles haunt you days later. And most importantly, a particular care and concern for your muscles through regular stretching will help reduce your susceptibility to injury. It’s best to warm up your muscles a bit, this is a great practice in general for getting your heart rate and other body functions time to adjust to the demands of aerobic activity, before stretching and to take care not to overdo your post-workout stretches while your muscles are warm and pliable.

Too Much, Too Soon

Increase your efforts your efforts gradually if you’ve been sedentary for some time. You risk injury if you start with too much too soon and this is a sure fire way to ruin any fitness regime.  Taking on more challenges step by step is much better than bingeing, as with exercise as it is with most things.

Emphasis on Weight

If you let your scale dictate your exercise or diet behaviors, you’re bound to move in unhealthy directions. In order to stay focused, the emphasis should be placed on fat or just fitness in general. An exercise routine inclusive of both cardiovascular and resistance training, will help eliminate fat and build muscle. Although muscle weighs more than fat and your scale might show you a lack of progress, replacing fat with muscle can significantly change your metabolism, body shape, and resistance to injury.

Energy Bars and Sports Drinks

These high calorie and electrolyte loaded snacks and drinks are meant for recuperating from workouts in intense weather conditions or exceeding two hours in length. If it’s not extremely hot and you’re just doing your average, moderate workout, you don’t need these supplements. In fact, you’re counteracting many of the calorie burning aspects of your fitness routine. Be the best judge of what your body needs in order to recover from intense workouts, but don’t let the default urge to purchase sporty foods and drinks get in the way of your fitness goals.

Remember, losing weight can contribute to your general well-being and it can even help you get a better deal with your private health insurance provider. The aforementioned problems can set you back greatly with your progress so it is worth doing your best to eliminate them.