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Five Design Optimizing Techniques to Take Your Website More Striking

The year 2012 is becoming an interesting year in the world of online media. With the Facebook’s new timeline features and the Google search engine updates, the web designing industry is also moving up the ladder. The new designs in the web developmental field reflect the creativity and the upcoming trends.

With the fast pace of the changes taking place in the web designing field, it is important that you keep yourself updated with the top designing products and services out there. Here is a list of the top web design trends, which are likely to take over the web in the year 2012.

  • The Magazine Style Page Layouts:

As in the present life, magazines find it hard to get off the stalls; the online media is adopting the techniques of the real world. A web design, which is more like a web page is getting more attention from the viewers. The thumbnail image is also providing a best user interface, and encouraging the readers to click over the pages and browse through the whole website.

The browsing style will help the readers to spend more time on a page that it would otherwise.

  • Optimizing The WebPages For A Hi-Tech Interface

All of the internet users are mobile users and with the growing apps, the number of internet users searching for mobile apps are growing in number. The trends for the websites that are mobile user friendly and foster to their needs are growing. People who have touch screen phones and feel more connected to a website that will offer them ease of use.

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Mobile users, like the Smartphone holders and tablet computer owners are connecting to the WebPages that are smaller screen friendly.

  • More Creative Web Outlook:

Unique typography is one thing, which is making the simple WebPages to stand out from the others. A few years ago, the use of large fonts made the pages look armature and inadequate. Today, using of uneven typography is catching the viewers’ eyes and is making the reading process more fun.

  • Graphic Intensity:

People like pages that load faster and are pleasing to the eyes as well. Those who have slow internet download speeds are, looking for the web designs, in particular, which will feel them most at easy. For this reason, the website designers today are pending the graph curve towards the use of a large image as the background text rather than just using a solid color, or applying of lots of pictures as icons rather than just plain buttons.

  • Intermingling Of Social Media With The Websites:

Another thing, which is generating more page viewership, is the integration of social media with the websites. The links or buttons will directly bring your potential readers and customers to interact with your company on its social media page. This not only helps the users to stay connected but also affects the bounce rates of your pages.

In short, 2012 is all about revolutionizing your website. With minor tweaking in your websites with the current web trends, you can put it up against other top website contenders. Just incorporate some or all of the above-mentioned techniques in your webpage and quickly upgrade your brand.


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