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Five Great Choices For A Business Power Lunch Or Dinner

When it comes to business lunches and dinners, you want to find a place that offers first-class cuisine while creating an atmosphere that is warm, inviting and not too distracting for your business purposes. If you live in New York City, you know by now that there are tons of great options to choice from, so much in fact that it almost becomes too difficult to choose a great restaurant.

With that in mind, here are five that are highly rated and often chosen as venues for business-related events and dining. Are they the absolute best? Obviously there are tons of great places in the Big Apple, but these five are certainly great choices to consider.


Michael’s has been impressing clients and customers alike for over thirty years. This place isn’t about the food as much is it is about the power and influence of eating there. This is the place you go for a scenic experience and, ultimately, to conduct great business. The food isn’t half-bad either.

Cipriani Wall Street
This is one of the five Cipriani restaurants, and is situated in the perfect spot for business, offering wonderful Italian food and a setting that is inviting for the business scene. If you are looking for a place  to grab a great cocktail over lunch, this is certainly the place to do it as well.

La Esquina

While La Esquina is certainly the last place to recommend for a conventional, traditional business event, if you are a more modern, semi-casual place to work for that enjoys an edgier atmosphere, this could be a great choice. From celebrities to businessmen and models, there are all sorts of different people that enjoy the fine Mexican cuisine and wonderful, warm environment.

If you have the connections, there is also a brasserie beneath the cafe that is extremely exclusive, so if you can get in, you will be sure to impress your clients there.

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Le Cirque
This Manhattan restaurant destination is regal, impressive and very expensive. This is a place where you take clients to leave a great impression, with its wonderful cocktails, food, and overall historic atmosphere.

21′ Club

The Club is a classic New York destination, as it has served the city as a great business restaurant since 1930, and is considered the very birthplace of the power lunch back in the 1980s. The country-club style menu is modernized, though it still has classic roots. This place is very much on the formal side and has a very strictly enforced dress code in place.

If you want to show that you are part of the elite, there are few better choices than 21 Club.

No one knows what kind of mood or atmosphere you are looking for at this meeting event than you do, and perhaps none of these places quite hit what you are looking for, and that’s alright. These five restaurants are great choices, but NYC is full of options, and there are plenty more hotspots to uncover with just a little research, or simply by asking around.

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