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There are more people than ever before taking on the dream of building their own homes or redesigning existing properties. One of the best ways to make your home stand out from the crowd is to include custom windows. Here we have gathered the Top 5 unusual designs that you can use for your home.

1. Entrance
At the front door to your house, having a window or even two straddling the doorway can create a great first impression to visitors. A well designed front entrance with windows can create a light mood and airy appearance. Welcome visitors with a bright entrance and the addition of designs on the windows itself can add a touch of class.

2. Bay Windows
Bay windows offer a lot, from stunning views to letting in a lot of natural light. Take advantage of the extra space created by bay windows and use them for storage, or even new seating areas under the windows themselves. A bay window in a living room of study can add a touch of casualness and comfort to the room.

3. Dormer Windows
Dormer windows are a great idea for bringing attention to certain areas of the facade or to bring balance to the overall architectural feel of the property. The became very popular over the last few decades in home design with the dormer bungalow spawning countless original designs.

4. Window Walls
To maximise sunlight and achieve the airiness and openness of a sunroom, window walls are a great option. Floor to ceiling glass walls offer all the benefits of a sunroom without the costs of constructing extra floor space.

They maintain the warm feel even with all the glass and allow you to experience the outdoors from the comfort and warmth of inside. Window walls are especially great additions to kitchens where you spend most of your time in the mornings and which is the best time to catch the early sun!

5.Stained-Glass Windows
Stained glass is usually reserved for churches and other religious uses but adding a beautiful stained glass window to your home can make an incredible touch that can brighten up the overall look and feel of your home. Scout out local car boot sales or flea markets to see if you can pick up a bargain. Co-ordinating the colours of the stained glass window to the interior of the room is a great way to bring colour and character into your home.

Sarah Haines is a professional blogger with a passion for creating beautiful homes. Sarah writes for Easy Window Quotes.