Five Thrill-Seeking Activities That Batman Would Be Proud Of

Five Thrill-Seeking Activities That Batman Would Be Proud Of

Movie-lovers have been salivating at the prospect of the forthcoming arrival of the latest Batman movie, with tantalising teaser trailers being watched by millions across the internet.

The Dark Knight Rises will be the third and final instalment in the trilogy of Batman films directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale as the dark and slightly disturbed superhero.

For many comic book fans and film buffs alike, Batman represents the ultimate superhero, a man blessed with no super powers other than incredible determination to turn himself into a finely tuned crime-fighting machine and, of course, some incredible gadgets which make James Bond’s weapons look like child’s play.

If you’re after a taste of the superhero life but lack the billionaire’s inheritance to fund it, then here are five activities to give you a flavour of life as Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego:

  1. 1.  Wacky racing

For many Batman fans, it’s all about the car. The Batmobile offers style, speed and desirability, not to mention some nifty tricks for seeing off the baddies. Driving experience days give you the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the most weird and wonderful machines in the world. You can career around a race track in some of the finest supercars for a high speed thrill, or for spills as well as thrills, off road racing and rally driving are a must. But for vehicles that will really stand out from the crowd, try controlling your own tank, monster truck or souped-up stock car.

  1. 2.  High ropes experience

Picture yourself donning Batman’s tool belt and firing ropes across high rise buildings to swing across the Gothem skyline. Now substitute the skyline for trees in the countryside and a high ropes course and you’ll have the next best thing. Jumping, climbing, sliding, swinging and abseiling are all on the agenda for this adventure-packed day as you navigate yourself across a specially-made course high up in the woods.

  1. 3.  Paintballing

Swap the Kevlar Batsuit for paint-proof overalls and a helmet as you follow in the footsteps of the caped crusader, dodging bullets and evading your enemies. Arming yourself with a paintball gun and taking on various challenges with your teammates is a thrill-a-minute experience as you run through the course, taking on obstacles and dodging the hail of paintballs as you go.

  1. 4.  Assault course challenges

Batman doesn’t rely on superpowers or being able to fly, it’s all brute force and intense training. Put your own body to the test by taking on a military-style assault course, clambering over walls, crawling through tunnels, swinging across rivers and scrambling under nets. As long as you don’t mind getting wet, muddy and exhausted – Batman certainly wouldn’t.

  1. 5.  Wilderness camping

The latest trilogy of films saw Batman honing his survival skills living in the wilderness. You can do the same, but on a much more fun and realistic scale, with wilderness camping across the UK. If taking your own tent and food seems too boring then you can even learn skills such as building your own shelter, finding your own food and starting a fire without matches. It’ll certainly make for a memorable weekend away, even if you don’t quite come back a superhero.

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