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Five Ways To Summer-Proof Your Hair

Five Ways to Summer-Proof Your Hair

Followed any drastic tan lines through the grocery store recently? We’re in the thick of summer and lots of people are coming back from the beach or lake with pasty pale accents on otherwise bronzed or burnt skin.

By now everyone knows that too much sun is bad for your skin. But what are those rays doing to your hair? If you’re in the sun long enough to turn sandal straps into tattoos, your hair is getting cooked, too. And it isn’t happy about it.

Too much sun can be bad for your hair! It speeds up the oxidation process, because sunlight and heat loosen hair’s protective layer, the cuticle. When hair is exposed like this, air and water pull oxygen deep inside your hair’s cortex, making space for minerals or chemicals to soak in and do some real damage.

Color can rinse right out of dyed hair that’s been damaged by the sun. Pool water can bring copper and other minerals into hair, discoloring it. That’s why light hair turns green after too much pool water. It’s also why red tones come through in processed hair as the sun chips away at it.

The salt in saltwater dries hair and makes it look unhealthy and brittle. Even the breeze near the shore carries salt into your hair!

How to Protect Your Hair

1.  Cover up!
Your hair needs a break, just like your skin. Wear a hat or scarf when you’re out for long periods, or stick to the shade.

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2.  Use UV protective products
It’s easy to find shampoos, conditioners and sprays sporting UV protection. They don’t cost a fortune, either.
3.  Condition, condition, condition
Moisturize with a daily leave-in conditioner before you head out for the day. It’ll fortify your hair against heat and light. Use a deep conditioner a couple of times a month, too.

4.  Pre-soak
Soak your hair in cool tap water before you hit the pool. Your hair won’t absorb chemicals as quickly if it’s already soaked.

5.  Post-soak
Soak your hair with clean water as soon as you’re out of the pool or ocean. It’s an idiot-proof way to rinse out the bad stuff that’s hanging out in there!

There’s no way to stop oxidation. It’s just part of life! But use these tricks to slow down the damage, so you’re not staring into the mirror, wishing your hair would grow faster! Then get back out there and enjoy your summer!

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Andy Kulp writes for HairDirect.com, an online hair replacement company specializing in custom hair systems.

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