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Fly Fishing In Patagonia: It’s The Little Things

Whether you are a seasoned fly fisher or a novice, Patagonia is one of the world’s best places to fly fish. A trip to Patagonia means renowned lodges, private access to secluded waters, superb fishing conditions, and fun things to do out of the water. A limited number of guests means peace and quiet for an optimal experience. Every trout caught is released, ensuring a dearth of fish to be caught. Great guides fluent in English are available to all.

No matter your skill level, there are certain pieces of equipment that are necessary to bring on your fishing trip to Patagonia. There’s the obvious, like rods and reels, waders, storage, and boots, all things central to fly fishing. However, there are little things, maybe not so obvious, that are indispensable to any fly fisher.


The average fly fisher can spend hours at a stretch out in the rivers, covered in heavy waders and shirts. Winter weather won’t stop some from fishing. Not every day is sunny, and cloud cover can keep you cool. But sunblock, no matter what the season or weather, is crucial. Sunlight and UV rays bounce off the water, hitting you directly in the face, resulting in serious sunburn. This can put a damper on your day. Sunblock will keep you safe and in the water for longer. Plus, it prevents sunglasses tan lines.

Digital Scale

The thrill of fly fishing is hooking the biggest fish of the day and getting those bragging rights. The best pictures from the trip will be those of you holding that huge trout you caught. Adding to that excitement is knowing exactly how big that fish is. A digital scale will tell you just that. Available for very cheap, these small devices will display the weight of the trout in bright numbers. That competition you have with your buddy of Who Can Catch the Biggest Trout will be decided one and for all!

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Line Counter

Fly fishing employs the technique of casting a line heavy enough to carry the fly through the air, a skill learned through practice. Some fishers can cast their line pretty far away. Other times, a shorter cast is needed, for smaller bodies of water or the location of the fish. A line counter can provide you with a read of how much line you have out, so you can record your casts.

Bug Spray

Where there’s water, there are insects. These little buggers love to bite and pester innocent fly fishers. In order to make your fly fishing trip to Patagonia the best it can be, bug spray is recommended. Though bugs are inescapable, bug spray will make them leave you alone for the most part.

Fly fishing is a relatively simple and laid back hobby, with several obvious pieces of equipment to bring. The little things can get lost in the excitement of travel, pushed to the wayside, or simply forgotten. These little things are just a few objects to enhance your experience.

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