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Fly Off with the Right Custom Flyers

As any small business owner should know, using custom flyers proves to be a cost-effective means to market their company.

While many business owners may be cutting back on marketing efforts during a challenging economy, now is not the time to ground one’s promotional efforts.

In the event you have been on the fence when it comes to using flyer printing to promote your business and the events you have going on, think about how these promotional vehicles can help give your business more attention.

Flyer Printing Needs to Stand Out

The bottom line is that custom flyers allow the small business owner to deliver a message that will catch the attention of consumers. With all the different purchasing options that consumers have today, make sure your flyer stands head and shoulders above the competition.

In order to put flyers into flight for your business, first determine the demographics you are going after.

As an example, if you are offering life insurance, you are more likely to target your message to consumers that are a tad younger or have been in the workforce for some time now. The man that is just starting out with a family is a perfect candidate because they will want to make sure their family is protected should they die or be disabled and unable to provide for their family. Meantime, senior citizens more than likely have life insurance plans and/or are not interested, so targeting them would not be as beneficial and cost-effective.

Once your targeted audience is determined, it is wise to print the flyers in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you have options with where they will be displayed, sent to, and distributed.

Where You Distribute Your Flyer Matters

Another important facet is where they will be distributed.

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Have you ever been in a mall parking lot or shopping center and come out to find a flyer sitting on your windshield or side window? Did you take the time to read it or just crumple it up and toss away? Chances are you have done both over time, mostly dependent on what was on the flyer.

As you plan to distribute your flyers, target high traffic areas such as mall parking lots, shopping centers, eateries etc., but also be respective of where you are placing them so that you do not become a nuisance to other business owners.

In the event your team of distributors is going to hand out flyers to people in public, also do it in a respectful manner so that you do not seem like you are accosting them. Make sure whoever is distributing your flyers is able to answer any questions about your business and/or the product and service you are offering consumers. Lastly, distribute the flyers at different times of the day as part of your campaign to reach different people. If you have been targeting the local mall parking lot for the last week or two during the morning hours, try the afternoon and even evening hours so you can reach different groups of people with your message.

Finally, never discount the importance of the message, size of the print, colors and more.

Keep in mind that your headlines should grab the attention of the audience you are going after; your information should have solid contact details, like address, phone number, Web site; and you should use attractive color schemes that will make the consumer remember your business without making it difficult to read or looking too messy.

As mentioned earlier, many small businesses are trying to save money in today’s tight economy, so they need to make sure they get the most bang for their buck when using custom flyers.

This is especially true for the new business owner that likely does not have a large budget to operate with. With custom flyer printing, they can save money and get their message out to a variety of potential customers.

When your business turns to custom flyer printing, don’t become grounded by doing it the wrong way.

Take the time to know your targeted audience, select the right color schemes and fonts, and spread your message out to a wide audience.

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