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Not too long ago Lady Gaga shocked us by wearing a dress made completely from meat, but if you had the chance would you wear a dress made out of food items? In the near future clothing made from food will be readily available to the upper class customer because obviously a dress made from food, which can realistically only be worn once, will cost thousands of dollars.

However, would you wear a dress made from chocolate, candies, fruits, veggies or even wine? Even if you couldn’t purchase one, would you try your hand at crafting one? What is the point of food clothing, why does it even exist and is it ever eaten?

Types of Food Fashion
If it’s a food you like to eat, or even think is gross, chances are there is a dress or suit made out of it. For example a spaghetti dress with a matching meatball necklace was created in 2006 and PETA had a gown created from green lettuce and cabbage created for an advertisement. Fruits and vegetables are a popular choice for gowns, from artichokes, bananas and my favorite eggplant.

The more delicious dresses have been made out of cream puffs, German chocolate and artisan bread. Speaking of bread, you can purchase a pair of slippers made out of bread for 22 euro DADDA Studio and if you want a crunchy snack you can purchase a Chanel Bag made from Jerky. Need something to wash that all down? Why not try the wine dress, made in Australia.

Just think you could be wearing a full course meal, which would double as a snack throughout the night.

The point of food fashion is art, science and craft. It’s also about going green, and trying to find new eco materials to make clothing from. However if we want to be all about the environment, food is better served on the plates of starving children than as a second option for clothing.

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However, clothing made out of food is no doubt beautiful, shocking and daring. The likely hood of someone wearing a chocolate dress to work is slim, but it looks nice at a runway. The likely hood of someone wearing a wine garment is more near the future, but how many people will jump on that trend will probably be small.

Who Eats This Stuff?
Candy necklaces belong in your mouth, and so do candy panties, whips and naughty things that you can find at a sex store. They are made to be eaten, and worn for literally seconds but high fashion dresses and suits made out of food is typically not eaten.

It may be a waste of food but the chances of someone wanting to eat their garment AFTER wearing it is slim. Usually food garments are sown directly onto a model, or molded onto a model, while they stand there for hours. Humans sweat, we have bacteria on our body and if you want to eat food off that well, good luck. Some other food dresses are in room temperatures, so they spoil and others are raw and made from leftover pieces. The wine dress on the other hand is fermented, so it wouldn’t taste good at all.

So, if you want to take your hand at crafting a food dress you can. Online you can read about ways to create your own custom food fashion, and there are even stores that sell specific types of food just for wearing. Just don’t let people pick off of you while you are wearing a food creation or you may just end up naked.

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Author Gabriella L. would rather wear a formal gown than a food one, so check out her favorites here.

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