Food scenes in Howick

Authentic Indian food in Howick is no more a tougher job. With an isolated Indian population, it is rather a pretty tough job to find Indian cuisine in Howick. But, I celebrate every moment of being an Indian. We take so much pride in our cuisine. Indian cuisine is diverse in its own way. Every inch I travel, I get to witness variety of dishes in the best presentable form. What if, we move a little far and explore different continents. Will we be able to taste our daily dose of Indian food? Let us find it out in the blog post that tells us about the food scenes in Howick.

Indian food scenes in Howick

Did I just hear “Dilbar dilbar” on a heavy accent with elevated script? Oh yes! I heard this unforgettable Bollywood number twice on the very same day. The streets of Howick seemed familiar to Bollywood melodies. After walking for a few miles, I discovered a quaint and lavish restaurant serving authentic Indian food in Howick. Mehmaan stands with great pride at 26, Uxbridge Rd. It boasts of a splendid bar and plethora of Indian cuisines penned beautifully on the menu. From Samosas to Murg Malai Tikka, a foodie like me can fulfill his appetite. With every ounce of excitement, I proceeded to have a seat and try what they have to offer.

Starter, main course, dessert and what not!

I ordered a plate full of Tandoori chicken without having any guilt factor as it happened to be my cheat day. Spicy chicken marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and spices, and then roasted in tandoor oven, just lifted up my spirits. My expectations rose to the level infinity after having such a delectable Indian dish outside the country. Chicken Korma is a regular affair, back in my home in India hence, thought to relive the memories once more. Chicken here, is cooked with a gravy of cashew nuts, almonds and mild spices to relish your tastebuds. A delightful end to the gastronomical saga has to be with Kulfi. It has similarities to an ice cream, but what sets it apart is, it is denser and creamier.

Takeaway food scenes in Howick

I set out for an evening stroll and I landed up at 2, Shafton road where I discovered a beautiful property named “Yard 41”. It looks resplendent at night and as I had very less time, I thought to take away certain dishes for my dinner. As I entered, a steward pointed me towards a statue where a restaurant named, “The Treatery” is situated. I still have no idea how he guessed I am hungry. I guess, I look like a greedy soul. Anyways, takeway food in Howick has to be from this very place as it promises you with quality food and not just quantity. I prefer Spaghetti Bolognese for my dinner hence, instructed the steward to pack me two for me. While the food was being prepared, a random guy came up to me and greeted with a smile. We had a brief conversation regarding the scenes of takeaway food in Howick and got to know few more places.

Stay hooked as I will be exploring luxurious properties for letting you know good food, in and around Howick. Are you ready to be an epicurean?

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