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For years, nutritionists have warned men against taking those foods, which are full of sugar or fat. Now, time has come when men has to learn to adopt moderation, justify the value and merits of variety of food, use fresh foods in whole and even decrease the percentage of having processed food in huge quantities. These are the sayings of Nicolette Pace, who is a renowned and registered dietician, practicing in and around the region of New York City.

Pace says that he had become sick regarding bashing of food, although it might sound bad like a pre warning. However, very often, people avoid such labeled foods religiously, without knowing the reason behind it. That led to the conflict, resulting in ignorance of delivered message and ultimately rejection of the entire thing.

Some examples of food, which are labeled as bad, can be described below:

The bacon, which was once believed as an artery cloggier, is a rich source of chlorine, a nutrient that is necessary for functioning of brain and making men smart. Apart from bacon, milk, eggs, peanuts and liver are also rich in chlorine content, and studies show that it plays a vital role for carrying out the activity of metabolism. The Institute of Medical says those males who are above the age of 14 years should consume at least 550 mg of chlorine on daily basis. However, on the other hand, many nutritionists believe that high chlorine can drive to risk of heart aliments, diabetes of type 2 and also cancer.

Foods tagged “bad” are actually not so bad

Consumption of sugar has been described as “toxic” by many nutritionists, as it contains glucose. Pace adds that sugar offers one of the best ways for tanking up the required supply of energy required for performing any activity. Plant food helps in producing sugar, which is actually intended by the nature. American Heart Association has revealed that healthy men who do not have any history of diabetes must not consume sugar more than 45 grams.

Salt comprises of another crucial food ingredient, without which any food is not complete. It is on the target list of many prominent nutritionists. Salt has been categorized in the list of enemies, because consumption of high sodium may make the chances of acquiring the disease of stomach cancer in men, more then in women. However, the benefits related to this mineral have been diminished by the concerns of nutritionists in the form of high pressure of blood and heart diseases. Pace says that the truth should be revealed. Salt is essentially an important mineral needed by the body. Salt is necessary to maintain mineral balance, proper hydration and even for managing the level of cholesterol in our body. The Institute of Medicine says 1,500 mg on the lower side and 2,300 mg on the upper side is adequate for a person.

As most of the manufacturers of fast food and restaurant owners in United States comply with the guidelines issued by the government for lower level of sodium in their food, some makers of food items have ignored the orders and have used artificial additives for increasing the flavor. This clearly means that those men, trying to consume less sodium, may be digesting more chemicals.

Various studies and research done on the male body reveals that people, who consume lycopene, enjoy reduced chances of prostate cancer. Further Dr. Felicia Stoler adds that Lycopene is actually a powerful antioxidant that helps in reducing the disease of cancer of any kind – be it in the lungs, stomach or prostate.