Foods To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Foods To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Not everyone is blessed with a quick metabolism. But that doesn’t have to mean that there aren’t ways to speed it up. In fact, there are certain foods that will speed up your metabolism and help you keep the weight off.

The first items on the wonder list are; Apples. An apple a day can help speed up the metabolism, and in a wonderful side effect it can also help regulate the bodies’ sugar levels.

Non Starchy Vegetables
Non Starchy vegetables such as artichokes are also well worth a mention. They help to speed up your metabolism (otherwise they wouldn’t be on this list!) but another weight loss benefit is that they also keep you feeling fuller, for longer. Meaning that snacking on these kinds of vegetables, will mean less snacking on the unhealthy, sugar-laden alternatives.

Some super foods really are just that. Oatmeal is one of the few that has so many positives; it’s ludicrous that there aren’t more people eating it daily! The well known benefits of Oatmeal are speeding up the metabolism and lowering cholesterol. If this wasn’t enough, it will also help lower blood pressure naturally.

Green Tea
One of my favourites, but not exactly a food, is Green Tea. It has fast become a common sight in most kitchens. It has been scientifically proven to speed up metabolism and contains many antioxidants, that all aid in a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Calcium Rich Foods
People on a Calcium rich diet will more likely lose more weight than those with a calcium deficiency. With this in mind, it is important to consume calcium rich products such as; oranges, broccoli and even dried fruits and nuts. There are several different calcium rich foods though, so check the packet and check your intake!

Of course the food alone won’t do it. If you look at this list, there is nothing there that you could make a ‘proper’ meal from; they are all just components that should make up a healthy diet. The key is to use common sense when making food. For example, there is no point having your calcium rich foods on the side of deep fat fried curly fries. And you can’t sprinkle Oatmeal onto a fry-up to make it healthy. If only.

So in conclusion, if you live an active lifestyle and look after your health already then that is the most important thing. But if you need a little boost, or really want a snack, then it’s good to know that there are plenty of things to choose from that will do you the world of good.

This article was written by Alex Wright; A fitness journalist for Health Clubs at Home, suppliers of new and used gym equipment for sale

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