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Four Apps For College Students

College students have always been at the frontline of social media and gadgets. Ipad’s, smartphones and other devices are rapidly being incorporated into the education system as quickly as possible. The release of the new Iphone 5 only stands to increase this usage. Here are some apps college students mind find useful.

Graphing Calculator
Pretty much any math class you take, even basic al Algebra, will require a graphing calculator. These little gems usually cost $80 – $100 in addition to your normal expenses. Not anymore! For $1.99 This app from Appcylon LLC, provides a calculator that will plot, graph and trace multiple equations one a graph. You can even customize your keyboard and take screenshots to email your fellow students.

Evernote Peek
One of the biggest challenges students face is staying organized with their note taking. Enter Evernote Peek.  This free app for the Ipad is attached to the cloud service and helps you organize your notes into study materials.  It can also take text, audio and images to turn into study questions. Combine this with an Ipad Smart Cover and you can fold down a question, than fold down again to see the answer. If you do not have Smart Cover then it will create its own digital cover for you to use.

StudyBlue Flashcards
One of the best ways to study for exams is with flashcards. Flashcards are also incredibly helpful when learning vocabulary for your foreign language classes as well. Most of us had to use plain old 3×5 index cards to make our flashcards. Not so much anymore. Now you can download the StudyBlue Flashcards App. This free app (Apple and Android) allows you to create your own flashcards to study from. Not only that but you access flashcards other students have created as well, thus saving you time. You can even receive test score feedback to see what areas you need to study more in. Of course when using somebody else’s flashcards you might want to make sure the information is accurate first.

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Group projects, while important, can also be a pain to keep up with, especially if you attend an accredited online university where all correspondence is digital. Workloads and collaboration can be confusing and you have to make sure you are all on the same page. Trello can help with this by assigning labels and specific duties to each individual. You also create deadlines and collaborate in real time as changes are instantly updated.

Does this take the place of hard work, dedication and studying? Of course not, ultimately it comes down to the student to pass their classes but it is good to know there are many apps to help you out.

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