Four Basic Strategies For Paintball Or Laser Tag

Hundreds of thousands of people love to play laser tag and paintball. There is a certain art to this safe, real-life battle game.  There are proven winning strategies you can employ to win. This article will strengthen your skills and show you four winning strategies to win this game on consistent basis whether you’re playing as an individual or on a team.

No Laying Down on the Job

A player can only move so much when they lay down. When this happens the exposure points on the front and back of the head are clear shots your opponent can use to take you out of the game. Although the front sensor can be covered, the one on the back will often be exposed creating an easy target for your enemy.

Be Mobile

One of the most important things to remember is that you need to keep moving because if you don’t you become a sitting duck that makes for an easy target. Another risk of standing still is that it gives the opposing team time to surround you and force you out of the game.

Avoid Trees and Bushes

Since the laser sensors can just pass through the bushes this will not help you avoid being shot. Also a skilled marksman can find the right angle to shoot to kill even if you are parked behind a tree. Unless the tree is huge and you’re timing your evasive move perfectly with an opponent coming up on you as you round the tree, you will be at a much greater risk of being taken out of the game.

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Be Elusive

Keep hidden and remember that when you see your opponent, you are being seen as well. This puts you in a vulnerable position so by being as invisible as possible you can stay in the game longer and increase your chance to win. Being elusive is one of the best strategies to employ to win the game. You goal is to find ways shoot the other player without being seen. If the enemy does not know where you are, you have the advantage. If you can do this while still being able to hit their sensors, you will have no problem winning the game.

By having several different game plans to choose from for each game, other players will have a difficult time figuring out how to beat you. If you are not predictable and play often with the same people, you will need to figure out other tactics to win the game as well. As you become better and you can focus more on the enemy’s weaknesses and base your strategies on their flaws. Good luck and keep trying out new ideas.

Donald Cleveland is a long-time first person shooter enthusiast turned laser tag player. He writes on behalf of Hard Knocks Orlando.

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