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Four Characteristics Of A Successful Salesperson

Your sales associates are the lifeblood of your company. On an everyday basis, they are the ones who are representing your business and selling your goods and services to potential clients. Your salespeople are the ones who immerse with the general public. Hence, the way they conduct themselves and the methods they use are extremely important in determining whether your business will sink or float.

While there are no hard and fast rules about hiring salespersons, here are some traits which will help you hire safe bets:

1. They see beyond the price.

The good sellers know that people do not just purchase items based on how cheap or how expensive they are. If that were the case, only the inferior goods would gain patronage. However, the reason people make purchases has to do with the fact that they see value in how the object was presented by the sales agent. Good salespersons know how to make a customer appreciate a certain good by drawing from the prospect’s sensibilities.

2. They are passionate.

When your agents put in extra hours just to perfect a product presentation for a client, or if they use their lunch break to learn more about the benefits of a new product, then you can be sure that you have a salesperson who loves what he or she does and finds satisfaction in it rather than the fleeting monetary motivation. Salespeople with this characteristic are more likely to run the extra mile just to get things done. They make things happen.

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3. They are happy.

While this might sound a wee bit simplistic, you need your employees to be happy they are working for you. When things in the office are filled with tension and your people feel uncomfortable, they will eventually dread working in that environment. While things like office politics or a credit-grabbing boss might set the tone for a-less-than-perfect workplace, there are some people who are just, by nature, spiteful. It’s better to let go of these people than to have them contaminate the rest of your sales staff.

4. They have clear goals in mind.

When a person is just contented with the way things run, they usually aren’t motivated to step up and perform at their optimum. However, a person who has a vision of where he or she will be in ten to twenty years will always have something to chase after and this is enough to keep them bringing their a-game.  

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