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The Apple devices such as iPhones, iPods and iPads become the revolutionary devices among the entire world due to the gaining popularity by these devices. As these Apple devices become so popular, these have also affected the system of education. The usage of the textbooks and notebooks by the students has been diminished because the students prefer to use the Smartphones and tablets for the purpose of study. Additionally, the professionals or experts who do not like to study in the universities or classrooms also prefer to use these Smartphone devices in order to get an education by themselves. The devices of the Apple are available with the thousands of the applications. More than thousands of applications used for the educational purposes are available in the official store of the Apple for the iPhone that is Apple App’s Store. These types of educational applications help in entertaining as well as educating the individuals.

The best applications for the iPhone used for the educational purposes make the features of the iPhone most relevant in nature and provide the facilities. This way,the individuals are able to get the great experience of learning. The features of the iPhone such as high definition screens, upgradation in touch-typing technology, 3D support technology and internet connectivity have made Apple iPhone, a best and effective handheld device used for the sake of education. These features have made possible to make effective and useful applications for educational Apps by iPhone developers. Some of the educational Apps for Apple iPhone are discussed below:


As in the schools and colleges, students have to attend so many classes for different types of subject. They have to maintain track of assignments, tests and homeworks for all the classes of different subjects. iHomework makes the life of such types of students a little bit easier. Students have to enter information in this app, this will help you by sending alerts and reminders regarding information of due timing of your homeworks and all.


It is one of the other most popular apps for iPhone. This app has been meant for getting knowledge about educators and greatest innovators of the world. If you downloaded this app in your iPhone,  you can able to get knowledge about all the mind-blowing and interesting lectures delivered by these people. However, this app does not able to teach you about any of the particular subject, you will have to learn yourself by referring these takings of TED.

iStudiez Pro

This app is meant for students of high schools. These students can get so many benefits with the use of this app. It has a special type of features so that students can able to take care of their particular types of tasks involved in the studies. It helps students by following up their homeworks, summarizing of their schedules, tracking of grades and backing up of data.


Motion Math

With the help of this app, students can able to get their practicing and learning of mathematical functions in an interesting way. In this app, a star is used for moving of fractions to their right places. By using this app, students can learn better methods for fractioning and calculations.

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