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An offshore company is forever becoming a more popular option for businesses. These reasons can directly benefit as business, with advantages such as lower tax, anonymity, smoother business operations and less reporting rules. Below will go into detail on how setting up an offshore incorporation can mean the suggested. Firstly, we will begin by describing what an offshore company actually is. An offshore company is when a business decides to move its operations or just headquarters to a foreign destination to reap benefits of that country.


Tax Benefits 

It is very common for people to elect to move offshore in order for their company to become taxed less. Tax relief varies in accordance to what country you decide to set up your company in, it is sometimes a countries sole objective to attract businesses to set up in their country and they do this by offering a more attractive tax package than the one offered in the UK. By setting up your business in places such as the Seychelles and BVI it can make tax relief more possible, as these are two countries renowned for offering an attractive tax rate.

More Efficient Business Operations

The process of setting up an offshore company itself is very simple. It would be recommended to go through a company formation agent as they have years of expertise in advising companies which jurisdiction they should choose to set up in. Therefore the process is very simple but moving abroad also improves efficiencies. You could reap the benefits of cheaper labor in other countries and benefit from the trade opportunities presented.

It has been known for some countries to endorse double tax treaties. These treaties are known to allow trade with various countries and at a lower expense. These factors can directly benefit a business and lower expenses, making profits much larger and more likely.

Finally, certain countries are rich in particular resources. Having a company based in a certain country may present to you and your company new opportunities. This could be achieved by incorporating locally, allowing you then to benefit from local trade.


One primary reason for a business to set up a offshore company is for the use of nominee directors. This means the name of a third party can be forwarded as a director’s name; further meaning the real director (UK based) is not listed as a sole director of the company in name. This is an ideal solution when if your business or directors need anonymity and this further underpins the great benefit to moving offshore than remaining onshore.

Reduced Reporting Rules

Many businesses suffer from having to regularly report to about their progress and how much they are currently earning. Having your company in an offshore jurisdiction means that it is able to attract more business from abroad, meaning less reporting requirements. Inevitably, you will always have to file reports but this may not always be the case if you are not trading locally. Not having to regularly report can mean numerous benefits for a business.

Reporting rules also change in accordance to the jurisdiction of which you are situated, as different countries may be stricter than others.

The reasons to set up an offshore company are clearly highlighted above. Having an offshore company can simply mean your business has better tax relief. An offshore company can also lead to your business’s director having greater anonymity, this privacy can allow you to situate a company elsewhere and further gain better tax relief.

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