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Team building is a critical part of running a business efficiently, especially when working alongside one another is a common task. One way to make the environment more conducive to completing tasks and projects in a collaborative and timely manner is to utilize team-building exercises. While there are many ways businesses can go about boosting morale and bonding between colleagues, physical activities can provide a shortcut making the process both easy and fun.

Laser Tag as a Stress-Reliever

Laser tag can be an effective way to improve office communications and build camaraderie. By working out pent up frustrations during a physical activity team members can also recognize how effective is can be to work closely with others. Physical activities that help build trust and bonds among co-workers will show up in your bottom line by way increased efficiency through a newfound unity practiced daily in the workplace.

Scavenger Hunts Promote Teamwork

There are other physical activities that facilitate the process of team building. Scavenger hunts can be a great way to work together and complete goals. There are ways to do this and add your own special twist. The organizer of these hunts can use a running theme or change themes to maintain the element of surprise every time this event happens.

When doing a scavenger hunt, a team is given a list of items that need to be recovered. A designated person takes pictures of everything that has been found and then checks them off the list as they go along. There could be extra points given should they take more creative pictures, get all of the items completed in a timely manner, or find bonus items that are found at the bottom of the list. The teams that find the main items more quickly will find more bonus items due to their efficiency and teamwork.

Test Your Culinary Skills as a Team

If you are looking for something more original, a cooking competition can lead to one of the most delicious events you have ever sponsored. A specific menu item can be chosen for he event and then you can award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place along with door prizes. It’s best that you either have, or find a facility for this event to take place where the food is cooked on site. Again this builds a positive atmosphere that brings people together.

Company Picnics Provide Family Appeal

Another type of event that helps build morale are company picnics. Known for team building activities, they are also great way to deepen connectedness by allowing family members to come along. Trust exercises can also be facilitated by people who are trained to create a successful experience.

Making these activities fun is what brings people together and can then be easily translated to the workplace for the benefit of both employees and managers.

Daniel Ruyter writes on behalf of Hard Knocks – Orlando’s favorite team building facility.