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Just a little more over a decade ago working from home was only for dreamers, those that dared be different, nowadays it is has become an acceptable way to earn a living. It is true that you can enjoy a plethora of financial benefits when you work from home, but that is not what I want to discuss with you, I want to discuss how working from home can unleash your creative side whereas working in an office can destroy it.

Being an office drone
First, I would like to make it clear that working from home is not for everyone, being your own boss takes dedication and you have to be willing to take chances. I personally have found working in an office to be mind numbing. These are just a few of the reasons I would never be able to go back to the traditional method of working.

1. Brain drain 
Being in the same place all the time, with the constant need to perform without seeing immediate results can lead to what I have labeled ‘brain drain’. This means that you start doing your work on autopilot. The fun of doing what you used to love doing is slowly but surely eroding and leads you to being unable to enjoy your job.

2. Creativity 
Some people assume that this means the same thing as ‘brain drain’ but they would be mistaken. Because in an office I am constantly working on projects, even when my creative energy is low, I find that it takes away from my overall creativity levels. This means that I am struggling to be creative all the time. Now when working at home, whenever I have a creative moment I write, it does not matter if it hits me at 6 am, 3 pm, or close to midnight – if I feel inspired, I write. I find that it helps me be much more creative overall. The only thing you need to do for yourself is create your own workspace where you know that you are “at work” as opposed to “off the clock, it allows you (and your brain) to clearly distinguish between work and play.

3. Burnout
Working from home allows you to avoid burnout. Let me explain that a little better. It is true that if I take a day off from work, I am not going to make any money. However, unlike what would happen if people expected me at the office, I can take a day off if I want to. This means that if I am under the weather or simply not feeling up to working that day, I can take the day off, recharge my battery, and get back to work 100% the next day. Sometimes I find that Wednesday is where I get tired of writing, perhaps I take a half day and work another half day on Saturday. I can do that because I am my own boss. This helps me avoid burnout.

What can I realistically hope to do?
If you have a passion for something, you can start your own business. However, you need to find people that are willing to pay you for your service. That is why I personally use, and recommend, Elance. Elance is a website where freelancers and clients come together. Elance takes care of everything, payment, negotiation, feedback, that is why it is an ideal place to start looking for new clients. You can find many jobs on Elance, ranging from freelance writing, to graphic design, website design, and programming, simply put if you have a skill, Elance can help you market it to potential clients.

Connect with your clients
The Internet and websites like Elance have made it easier to connect with your potential clients than ever before. There is no need for people to meet personally, you could just as easily send them an email, and if they want to see your face, a web video conference allows you to do just that. You are not limited to clients in your vicinity; you are able to go global thanks to the Internet. Remember the quote by Wayne Dyer, “Everything is in motion. Everything flows. Everything is vibrating” – this goes double for business, why limit yourself when there are so many options?

David Crawford loves the creative freedom that working from home gives him and has been working as an online writer for several years now. He is passionate about social media and SEO and loves to read and watch television shows in his free time. When not working, David is making sure he is aware of the current developments of communication and office management by visiting sites like