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There are many reasons for today’s homebuyers to consider opting for a semi-custom house. Unlike traditional production homes, the semi-custom home allows the opportunity for a uniquely tailored house to suit your family’s needs and personal preferences.

Demystifying the Choices
Part of the cost of a home is determined by the level of planning and design as well as by the phase of construction.

• Production houses are all constructed from the same handful of architectural design plans. They are typically built on a developing community lot and follow similar cookie-cutter styles from one to the next.

• Custom-built homes require the buyer to enlist the services of an architect to come up with an original blue print for their dream home design and all of the enhancing details. The buyer usually owns the land on which he or she plans to have the home built.

• The cost-effective mid-range compromise of semi-custom houses, however, allows for a set of the builder’s existing plans to be tweaked and tailored to a one-of-a-kind haven to accommodate the buyer’s unique needs and personal preferences. The semi-custom alternative eliminates the need for an architect, as there are many existing designs that will appeal to every aesthetic taste.

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A Penny Spent Now is a Penny Saved Later
On the estimate, the bottom line cost of a semi-custom house is going to be higher than that of a production model. However, by spending the extra cost up front and by choosing a semi-custom home, you will save money in the long run.

• Many builders operate off of their own pre-set budgets for semi-custom construction projects, which helps many homebuyers to stay within their financial means. These pre-set budgets allow for modifications without over-customizing.

• Many of the materials and products used to construct a semi-custom home can be purchased at wholesale or bulk rates by the builder, which saves the homebuyer money or allows for reallocating those savings toward another cosmetic detail of the house.

• Once the house is complete, everything is new and repairs will not be necessary for several years. While the purchase cost of an existing production home may be lower than that of a semi-custom home, surprise necessary and potentially costly repair needs could rear their ugly head at any time.

• Avoid endless weekends of house hunting only to settle on a home to which you immediately plan to make multiple changes. Those home improvements and updates cost money. During the construction of a semi-custom home, you will be making those personal choices to be incorporated now, freeing up your weekends for more pleasurable pastimes and averting the need to make those improvements right after you move in.

Whether your preferences trend toward grand log homes with skylights and sturdy stone chimneys or Victorian-style mansions with gables and ornate windows, the needs of your family can become a reality. From airy open floor plans to the latest in environmental living, a semi-custom house offers the perfect home that will welcome your family for many years to come.

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