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River cruises are a wonderful way to spend your holiday. If you enjoy seeing new sights, learning about a variety of different cultures and doing it all from a lovely cruise ship, a river cruise can be a great choice. You can choose a cruise that will take you down some of the most famous and exciting rivers in the world and enjoy wonderful scenery along the way. If you are planning a river cruise in 2013, here are a few rivers that you may want to strongly consider for your trek.

The Rhine


Running through Germany, The Rhine is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. It is also one of the most noted throughout Europe. It begins in Switzerland the flows into Germany where cruisers can view many pastoral towns as well as castles, vineyards and a few fortresses left over from olden times. If you would love to spend your holiday looking at various castle ruins and actual standing castles, The Rhine is certainly a great choice for your river cruise. You will be met with much culture and history along the way.

The Po


If Italy is more your style, you will love The Po. This is the longest river in all of Italy and runs all the way to the Adriatic Sea. The River Po Valley is a wonderful collection of culture, art and Italian tradition. When cruising the River Po you will have the opportunity to view quaint fishing villages as well as beautiful countryside and enjoy wonderful Mediterranean cuisine from any number of ports. Whether you prefer Venice or you want to experience historic cities like Verona, traveling the River Po gives you the perfect opportunity to experience Italy at its very finest.

The Seine


Finally, if France is more your cup of tea, you will love cruising the Seine River. The Seine meanders throughout France and allows you a wonderful view of the culture, countryside and exciting landscapes that the country has to offer. You can cruise through Paris and glimpse such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame Cathedral. Whether you prefer sightseeing or you just want to sample true French cuisine, a cruise along the Seine River is the perfect holiday choice.

A river cruise gives you everything that you need to fully enjoy your holiday and allows you to experience different cultures, landscapes and wonderful sights without the hassle of traveling to and from hotels and airports. If you are looking for a holiday that gives you everything you need for enjoyment, a river cruise could be just what you are looking for.

This article was provided by Shearings Holidays, providing river cruises to many exciting destinations throughout the UK and Europe.