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In these times of austerity, many of us are searching for money saving ideas. Choosing to make your own clothing will not just save money, it will also put you one step ahead in the fashion stakes and enable you to flaunt your very own clothing designs.

Learning how to sew will give you a useful skill that you can use for years to come. Creating and designing an outfit will probably be the most exciting thing you do with your new found talent and you won’t need to worry about bumping into someone wearing the same outfit ever again. If you fancy trying your hand at dress making, you will require a few items to get you started.

Dress Making Equipment

Tailors dummies are often used by seamstresses when creating new clothes – they make it easier to take measurements and to see how the clothes will fit when completed. They are also a useful place to hang your creations while you are working on them. Once you have finished with them, tailors dummies can be decorated to make a great centre piece for a bedroom.

In addition to tailors dummies, you will also require a sewing machine. Prices have fallen over the years and one can be purchased fairly cheaply online or on the high street. Beginners should do their research first as not all machines are created equal. There are basic models and those that can run into four figures. If you are on a budget, or not sure your hobby will last, you could investigate second hand models.

A tape measure is another invaluable tool in your new dressmaking kit. You’ll need to take hip and waist measurements and use a tape measure to make alterations. You will also require dressmaker’s scissors with serrated edges that can cut through tough materials such as leather or denim. These scissors are not suitable for cutting paper, so you should have a pair of conventional scissors to hand. A piece of tailor’s chalk will also be useful for marking out areas that need to be sewn or cut.

How to Get Started

Beginners might prefer to take a dress making course, before they embark upon their first creation. There are books and online tutorials available should you require further instructions. Unless you are planning to design the outfit from scratch, you will also require a sewing pattern. These can be sourced in a haberdashery store or online. There are also special kits available which contain everything you need to make an outfit, a good option for those learning the ropes.

Fuel Your Passion For Fashion With Dress Making

Learning to sew is a fantastic skill to have and one that is not difficult to learn. Not only will you get to wear fabulous clothing that no one else has been seen in, but your new found sewing skills can also be put to other uses. You can create attractive soft furnishing for the home such as curtains and cushion covers and patch up or repair old items of clothing, which would have otherwise been discarded.


Liz Morris is a clothes designer who makes all her own outfits. Liz uses adjustable tailors dummies during her work and when she is not indulging in her passion for sewing, she blogs about the subject.