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Vests have been in vogue for centuries. This apparel item transcends the confines of status and class and has been relished by the royalty, courtiers, magistrates and commoners alike. Its timeless popularity is evident from the fact that it was worn by King Edward VII and is donned by numerous cult musicians of today such asMadonna or the recently-reformed British group Take That. Various action series aired on the mainstream media also display a host of hippie characters who carry motorcycle vests with great ease, comfort and a certain degree of rebellious air.

Why Wear a Motorcycle Vest?
Despite the widespread popularity of a motorcycle vest, a well adept motorcyclist is tempted to raise the following question: Why do bikers feel a strong need to wear a vest? The discussion outlined below will attempt to address the query implicit in this question.

Biker Vests will protect your Shirt from Unsightly Stains
Sleeveless biker vests serve as a covering for the upper body and are ideal in terms of protecting your shirt from becoming soiled by stains or impurities as you ride through muddy patches or dusty trails.

Heated Leather Motorcycle Vests Provide Insulation
If you have always been a passionate admirer of picturesque mountains softly covered with a smooth carpet of snow, it is a given that you frequently head to the snowy regions at least once or twice a year. While traveling amidst such freezing temperatures, a heated leather motorcycle vest worn over your long-sleeved wool shirt will offer you that soothing warmth that every biker craves for in such low temperatures.

Highly Durable and Enviously Stylish
Reinforced stitching at the sides, endurable seams, a sophisticated V-look, and seams at the frontal region that give this garment that dazzling fitting are some of the hallmarks of motorcycle vests for men. Worn with shirt and jeans, these leather vests display a markedly smart look.

High Quality Hardware
The snaps, zippers and buckles of mens biker vest are manufactured from rust-resistant material that adds to its durability. This quality hardware also complements the chrome-polished buttons ordinarily fitted in mens motorcycle jacket and jeans.

Laced and Pocketed Vests for Women
Motorcycle vests for women are often laced for figure-enhancement purposes. The gorgeously integrated laced features add a ravishingly classical yet a hippie aura to the motorcycle leather vest designed specifically for female motorcyclists.

Reflective Visibility
With the propagation of the feminist revolution on several forms of media, black vests for women have gained increased popularity in recent years. However, since black color correlates with the darkness of the night, it does seem that black colored jackets would interfere with night time vision. In order to counter this problem, jackets with reflective piping have been launched by various motorcycle outlets. These vests afford reflective visibility and serve as an ideal night wear.

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