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Funeral Tributes

Many people like to send an Oasis based floral arrangement to express their feelings at a funeral. They choose a symbolic design to show their relationship with the departed or to raise the spirits of the mourners as they think of their loss. They are traditionally made from dampened florists foam holding an arrangement of carnations of chrysanthemums which forms a solid coloured base, often in white, for the design. For this reason, they are usually called “based” designs. Additional flowers are added as a decorative spray, using more brightly coloured roses, orchids and foliage to form a highlight.

These wreaths, tributes, crosses, letters, posy pads, etc come in three main types:

  • Religious

These range from the simple cross, prayer book or Star of David to more complex religious symbols such as the Heavenly Gates. This shows an open gate to heaven through which the departed has gone. These symbolic memorials are almost always in white, with a ribbon edging and matching floral highlight spray frequently in pink for a lady, lilac, gold or red for either gender and red or blue for a man.

  • Secular

A circular wreath in the form of a ring, or a round posy pad are often chosen. These are decorated similarly to these above. Hearts can also be used to commemorate a lost love or dearly beloved relative. A simple floral spray or sheaf can also be sent. These allow a greater range of flowers as they are not a based design. Some symbolic secular designs are also available such as an “Empty Chair” design.

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  • Personal

Careful thought can create the perfect memorial flowers for a very special person. These tributes can include national flags, regimental crests, Smileys, etc. An enthusiastic angler might be remembered with a depiction in flowers of a leaping fish; a sailor by a portrayal of his yacht. It is essential in this case that the design and size is clearly communicated to the executing florist and a price agreed before work is started on the design. It might be necessary to allow more time as these may need to be hand carved from a square block, although there are a remarkable number of different “hobby” designs available from florist’s suppliers. These include dogs, cats, teddy bears, steam trains, sports cars and football shirts to be decorated in the favourite team colours of the departed.

Floral letters can also be used, as an initial letter only, or joined in a rack to form a full name, or a relationship. MUM and DAD are popular tributes but longer names over eight letters such as ANTOINETTE not only start to be pricey, but it can be difficult to fit on one rack.  With these shorter lettered tributes it is usual to have one floral spray on the first letter, and with longer names there may be a spray on the first and last letters.

However you choose to commemorate your loved one, your flowers show others in your circle that you care and help others unite to mourn the departed, sharing memories of better times. You can order your flowers online or go to your local florist but be sure to order in enough time to avoid disappointment, especially if you require a special design for your memorial flowers.

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